31 May, 2006


Exactly four years ago I was in the early stages of labour. Yep, my little baby Chickie will be four tomorrow.

That day went a bit like this:

Early on the 31st of May I thought I may have broken my waters. I wasn't sure since there was no 'gush' like you see in the movies. I had an OB appointment that afternoon, so I wasn't too worried. In fact I was secretly pleased - you see, I had gestational diabetes and the doc was going to induce me on the 3rd of June (official due date was the 14th). I wasn't really looking forward to being induced though.

So J and I went to that OB appointment (at 2pm) and she sent me over to the hospital to be checked out. I hadn't had any contractions at that stage so we weren't sure if this was it or not. Well, as I was walking into the hospital, at 3pm, I felt my first official contraction. They checked me out and said yep it's the real thing. They said I could stay or go home till I felt I had to come back - I went home (well, I hadn't packed a bag, you see!)

A few hours later (I think it was at about 8.30pm) we went back in. The nurses/midwives were predicting he'd be here about 10 or 11pm, or so, but no, Chickie was facing backwards so he needed a little help. The ventouse helped a lot but more was needed, so out came the forceps and at 12.45am on the 1st of June 2002, my little Chickie was born.

He's not so little any more (in fact he's grown 10cm taller in this last year) and the thick black curly hair, he was born with, has changed to wavy reddish brown. He still has the cute little dimples and the exquisitely long eyelashes, that he inherited from his dad, though (I'm so jealous of those eyelashes!). And after a week of him asking if today was his birthday, I'll finally be able to say 'yes, it is', tomorrow.

To the OB, the midwives and nurses, I say thank you - you did a great job.

But to my precious J, I send all my love and thanks. Not only for making Chickie possible, but for the hard work he did in keeping me focussed whilst in labour, the time he puts into being a dedicated and loving father to Chickie, as well as the love, time, help, encouragement, support, happiness (I could go on and on here) that he gives to me.

Love you, sweetie :)

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fairscape said...

Happy Birthday to Chickie!!!