01 May, 2006

South Park pic

Everyone's doing it. So here's me!

Link is here.


fairscape said...


Isn't it amazing when someone's photo turns out to look exactly like the mental image you had of them? NOT !!!

Thanks for visiting and for your kind words.

I enjoyed your link to pavement pictures.
I don't know how to link but you might like
3D Painted Rooms-2loop.com.

We don't have lizards here just fuzzy little squirrels and bunny rabbits. I think I would freak if I saw a lizard outside running around loose. They are proably good for the garden though.I guess they might eat bugs.Or not.

caramaena said...

What an excellent link! Thanks for posting it.

We have rabbits here in Australia too, but they're real pests. Though I will admit the lizard is *not* the cutest looking thing. I finally found out what it is - a Shingleback lizard. They're apparently quite docile, they do eat insects and apparently have a great liking for yellow flowers.

I found some good info about them here:


Although, this picture looks more like 'ours':


caramaena said...

Heh, what I was going to say is we have rabbits here but we don't have squirrels. I guess possums would be the closest thing really.