27 May, 2006


This story, about a massacre in East Timor, has me in tears. I don't understand how people can do such horrible things to other people, let alone little kids. I'm just baffled as to why these things happen. Since I've become a mother, I've found I just can't bear to hear about kids being hurt, even in fictional dramas. The thought of something happening to Chickie just tears me to shreds and, I suppose, that just extends to all other kids.

Australia is sending troops to help stop the fighting. I think New Zealand is too. I'm just glad J's brother is no longer in the army. He was stationed in Darwin, so would probably have been sent.

I guess, for my emotional health, I probably need to stop watching the news. Not only was there stuff about East Timor in tonight's news, but there was a story about the effects of the new industrial relations laws (these laws make me angry). I don't particularly want to shop at Spotlight after hearing this. The company I work for has a workplace agreement and it's due for renewal later this year. I'll be watching the negotiations closely.

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