22 June, 2007


Chickie had his first school orientation session today. He was looking forward to it (oddly enough he even appears to be looking forward to homework!). In the car on the way, he said 'I hope all my new friends are glad to see me'.

We rolled up at 9am and the kids and parents went down to the classroom (there's about 9 or 10 other kids starting at the same time). Chickie and the other kids sat down to listen to their teacher (L) read a story and then do some drawing, while the parents had a bit of a tour of the building with the Junior Primary Principal. It took a little bit of convincing for Chickie to stay with L so she suggested that J sit with him for a few minutes.

Later all the kids went out with the other classes and did some skipping for their fitness session (they do some sort of physical activity every day, adding up to about 100 minutes a week). Chickie just watched, which I wasn't surprised with. He's always been the sort of kid to sit back and watch unfamiliar things before participating.

Later the principal took us up to the library to get the rest of the details we needed and answer any questions we had. I couldn't think of any then, but I have a few now! We have two more orientation visits over the next two weeks, so I'm not too worried.

After that we went down and picked up the kids. Chickie had drawn two pictures and had received a star and a sticker, so he was thrilled.

All in all, he's decided he liked it. I anticipate that might be the attitude until the second full day of school ;)


Stomper Girl said...

Well done Chickie! ooh, the next big adventure is about to begin.

Doctor Who AND The Goodies! Guess you were watching the ABC from 6-7 every weeknight in your early teens like me!?

caramaena said...

lol, yep. Plus Countdown on Sundays and The Young Ones on ummm... Tuesday nights, I think, after Rock Arena.

kirsty said...

Sounds like a great start!! Love the cute line about his new friends being pleased to see him :)

tracey petersen said...

How very exciting for all of you. It's funny how they all anticipate homework at first. I miss countdown - I love it when rage shows an old episode sometimes.

Gnat of Glass said...

I always looked forward to going to school. I think that is because I found it more of a social affair than a learing one.

It sounds like Chickie is off to a grand start.


Oh great One said...

What a terrific start! Good luck on day three!

meggie said...

Beginning school is not the trauma it was in my day!
Sounds like Chickie will enjoy it.
Thanks for the tips on my blog too... er what is my cache? lol!

MyUtopia said...

I always loved the first day of school!