16 June, 2007

Postman Chickie?

Chickie is getting a bit excited about starting school soon, I think. He wants to drive past it at least once a week, he talks about getting homework and can't wait for his orientation visits. One of the other children at his childcare centre has started doing his school visits too (he'll be going to a different school though), so Chickie was telling me all about what his friend had said.

So the other day Chickie asked me what happened after he finished at that school. The conversation went like this:

Chickie: "Where will I go after I finish my school? Will I go to high school?"

Me: "Yes, high school is after primary school"

Chickie: "And then what happens?"

Me: "You can go to university if you want, or get a job. What do you think you'd like to do? There's lots of things you can do - doctor, fireman, teacher, plumber, rock star" (heh, he pretends to be a rock star with his toy guitar all the time - he's got the moves down pat!).

Chickie (after thinking for a moment): "hmmm... I'm going to be a mailman"

Then he thinks a bit more and adds: "I could get one of those bikes and ride around on it all day. I'd deliver letters to everyone but not bills, because no one likes those. And then if someone gets a package I could bring it to them and then help them open it!"

So, there you go. How would you like Chickie as your mailman? You'd never have any more bills or have to open your own packages ever again!


tracey petersen said...

The way that Chickie describes it makes it appealing. Opening all those parecels would be like a never-ending birthday.

R2K said...

Sounds like a job to me.

monicker said...

If I never get my bills, he's got the job!

The Phosgene Kid said...

I worked for the post office- the pay was great and I didn't notice anyone exactly killing themselves with work.

Tell Chickie while his thoughts are noble, the P.O. in any country takes a dim view of their carriers not delivering all the letters. Tell him to stay in school, he'll be happy he did later.

Mr Mans Wife said...

Wow, I'd love to have a postman like Chickie!

"I worked for the post office- the pay was great and I didn't notice anyone exactly killing themselves with work." Blimey, where the hell did you work? Mr Man worked for the post office and they cut his pay and gave him work to take home on a Sunday! (paper work, not delivering letters)

Steve said...

I applied for a job as a postie in England many years ago. The main prerequisites were that you could read and ride a push bike. I came back to Oz before the application went anywhere.

My aunt was the village postie in a place called Watton-at-stone in England until she was 68. She got up every morning, 6 days a week, at about 4:30am and cycled to work doing two deliveries on week days.

She's still going strong now in her 80s. There's something to be said for hard work :)

meggie said...

Dear Little Chickie!
What a lovely world he paints!
I kind of hate to see them go off to 'big school', it is like they are changed forever..
Sorry, must be feeling sentimental.

she said: said...

Yeah - let him do my route for a few weeks.. he will stay in school. Even Chickie would become tired opening all my mail.

Honestly without exaggeration get about 5 pounds a mail a day. My box is completely full every singe day. I almost always apologize to the mailman when I see him. I'm sure I'm giving him some sort of repetitive stress syndrome.

Of course my mailman is willing to hand my mail to anyone who is in my front yard.

I'm not sure who to be more irritated at. The postman who just gives my mail to anyone, or the cable guy who takes it from him and brings it inside. Neither one of them is doing me a favor.

Stomper Girl said...

I think my boys would have something to say to Chickie helping open my packages.

Simon said...

Chickie, when your are finished with school, move to Paraparaumu in New Zealand. You can deliver my mail any time!