04 June, 2007

Post party wrap up

Well, I think it went well. It looked like everyone was having a good time. So, I think I'll call it a success.

I'd invited 15 kids (not including Chickie), 14 had rsvp'd with a yes, so I told the bowling alley a final count of 15. One parent called, in the morning, to say his son was ill and couldn't come. One of the other boys had brought his older brother (he and his mother were planning on bowling separately while the party was on) so I asked if he wanted to bowl with the kids too. So all in all, I didn't have to worry about paying for an unused spot.

We got there half an hour early and one boy was already there! Not a problem but I hope they hadn't been waiting too long. Didn't matter to Chickie as this was one of his good friends that had now started school, so they were excited to see each other.

We went up to the area they'd assigned us and the other kids started arriving. It was so funny to see the kids play together. At one stage they were doing this follow the leader thing around the place. During the bowling they were also play wrestling and mini-'racing' between the lanes. It's a good thing we were right off at the end, so no one else was being bothered.

Once everyone was there we started the food for the kids. There was heaps of food. The amount was probably more suited to older kids, rather than 5 year olds. They didn't eat a real lot to start with (probably too excited, but they all seemed to come back to pick at it while bowling). After they'd had a bit to eat we got them started bowling. We had three lanes with 5 kids in each, but only one ramp (the other ramps were taken with other lanes - the place was packed).

It was hilarious watching the kids bowl. One boy (I) knew how to bowl and apparently does it quite a bit. They put up the speed of the ball being bowled and I's were going at about 10 ks an hour. Some of the other kids were at about 1 k an hour. Many many times, the ball was going so slowly that it stopped half way down.

There was at least one strike that I saw and a couple of spares. The kids would get so excited when any pins were knocked over though. It was so cute!

The adult platters were served once the game started and then the ice cream cakes were served after the kids finished their game. After that, we all went home and collapsed in a heap!

Some random thoughts for the day:

* I should have had name tags for everyone. Some of the parents I didn't know at all - other than when they called to rsvp. So putting faces to names was a bit of a task. Plus some of them wouldn't have known many others, so thinking back it would have made it easier all round.

* I was really pleased that so many dads turned up. We had two where it was mum and dad, and four where it was just dad and their child/ren. I was initially worried that J would feel a bit 'odd man out' with no other guys there, so I'm glad it didn't turn out that way.

* I should have had Chickie wait to open presents until later or asked J to write the gift on the back of the card. While I said hello to the parent, J was helping Chickie open stuff and he grouped the cards with the right gift but at some point things were knocked over and neither he nor Chickie can remember who gave what. I did make a point of thanking everyone for coming at the end and thanking them for the gift but it was a bit embarrassing not knowing which gift!

* Speaking of toys, people are really generous! I was amazed at the generosity of the gifts. Chickie is thrilled with all his new toys.

* Some kids must find parties hard. One particular kid cried a number of times. I'm not even sure why, to be honest. J thought it might be for the attention but I don't know, to me he looked a little overwhelmed. One other girl cried as well, but that was because two other girls were playing with each other and she was feeling excluded. I think it was because the two girls turned out to be wearing the same outfit and they kept telling me they were twins.

* Stomper's recommendation of alcohol afterwards was spot on. J discovered about 3/4 of the way through that they sold alcohol there, so indulged in a Jack and coke (for his nerves!).


kirsty said...

Glad it was a success and you survived! Don't you just love it when little guys get excited about knocking down one pin??

carmelo said...

I remember being the boy at the party before the actual host, boy was that a long time ago........

Holly & Scolly said...

Thanks for the wrap, and thanks also for the "random thoughts" - some great ideas there! So glad you had fun and it didn't sound too stressful at all!

Zazzy said...

I'm glad you all survived intact! It was quite an ambitious party for 5 year olds. The name tags sound like a great idea! I'd be calling everyone Fred by the end of the day.

I think your tearful kids were probably just a bit overwhelmed. Even though they're having fun it can get really stressful for some kids.

Sussanah said...

It's so good that the parents came (and stayed), I'm so shocked at the people who just dump their kid and run, especially when they are 5 and under.

caramaena said...

Thanks everyone :) One thing I did forget to mention was my voice did come back, though by the end of the party it was nearly gone again.

kirsty - They were just so cute. I've decided I have to take Chickie ten pin bowling more often. He had so much fun.

carmelo - hope you didn't have to wait long. I felt bad when I realised they were there before us. I though half an hour would be plenty of time.

h&s - I hope your party planning goes well. 15 kids was a lot! J mentioned, at one stage when he was trying to get them to sit down to eat, that it was like trying to herd cats.

zazzy - we're unlikely to throw that big a party again for some time. I figured since he's leaving the childcare centre soon (next month!) it would be a good way to celebrate him moving to school and growing up etc.

Oh and I totally agree with the kids being overwhelmed. There was so much happening.

sussanah - I will admit that a couple did duck out to pick up some stuff at the shops, but they were true to their word when they said they'd be quick (the bowling alley is within a small shopping centre, so they didn't have to go far). Plus they did ask me if I was ok with it first - and I was, the kids were well and truly occupied by that stage.

Charm School Reject said...

I love "old fashioned" parties like that....bowling, roller skating, things like that. I hate that people feel the need to go all out with laser tag and things like that, especially for young kids.

Travis loves bowling. I wish I could bowl....I miss it! lol

Stomper Girl said...

Glad the party went well! I laughed when I heard J found the booze! They are SO noisy and full-on, kids' parties! I don't blame that kid for crying.