13 June, 2007

Two things

H tagged me for the two things meme!

Two names you go by:
- Mu-um (yes, that does have two syllables)
- Babe (J calls me that and even Chickie has called me that once or twice)

Two things you are wearing right now:
- pjs (pink and white if you must know)
- black, white and grey jigsaw patterned socks

Two things you would want (or have) in a relationship:
- friendship
- someone who can make me laugh

Two of your favourite things to do:
- beading
- watching a good (mushy) chick flick

Two things you want very badly at the moment:
- to be able to lose 10 more kilos - preferably without exercising or watching what I eat (why are you laughing?)
- to be able to sleep a full night without one of the cats meowing to be let out and then just standing at the door deciding it's too cold after all...

Two pets you have had:
- a siamese cat called Simon (can't recall why I called him that, it was a long time ago now, I was a kid - ok?)
- a (half siamese) jet black cat called Tiki

Two people I would like to do this (if you're not interested though, just say!):
- Steve
- Robin

Two things you did last night:
- played Neopets
- watched tv (I had a really really boring night last night!)

Two things you ate today:
- Vogel's Soy and Linseed Bran for breakfast (Chickie calls it my 'stickies' cereal because they look like little sticks)
- a very small slice of chocolate cake (naughty but one of my team-mates is off on maternity leave and brought it in as a farewell - it would have been rude to refuse...)

Two people you last talked to:
- On the phone: J's mother
- In person: J

Two things you are doing tomorrow:
- hoping to visit the friend that recently had the 9 pound baby (if she's up to it)
- going to work (way, way too early in the day)

Two longest car rides:
- Do bus rides count? If so, I spent a few days on a bus from the north coast of NSW to Perth WA. That was a loooong trip.
- Caboolture QLD to Dubbo NSW. I drove by myself and it took two days (I don't drive at night, if I have a choice, since my night vision isn't as good as it could be). I've actually done trips of similar lengths a couple of times.

Two favourite holidays:
- 2 weeks in Japan. In our family our 21st present is a plane ticket to wherever and all we have to do is save for spending money.
- Our recent holiday to the Gold Coast was fun.

Two favourite beverages:
- lemon pepsi. Though I don't think they make it any more. Shame really, it was yummy. Not that I should be drinking normal soft drinks now anyway, so these days it's diet coke with lime.
- a good old fashioned bloody mary

So there you go - now you know even more about me!


Hannah said...

Choclate cake may be naughty.....but if it's really nice it's probably worth it anytime :-) especially if you onlyhad a little bit

Hannah said...

I really should be able to spell chocolate....but thne again if there's some in front of me it's not there long..... :-)

MyUtopia said...

Mmm...chocolate cake!

Gnat of Glass said...

Man I want to be 21 again in your family.


velcro said...

coke with lime is a crime against nature and should be banned (along with its evil twin cherry coke)

kirsty said...

Chocolate cake is only naughty if it was the dessert you had after the cereal.

The Phosgene Kid said...

SchwipSchowp - that was the lemon pepsi in Germany. Mezzo Mix was lemon and coke.

Holly & Scolly said...

Love the 21st present idea!

h&b said...

I adore a bloody ( or even a Virgin ) Mary. Divine !

Thanks heaps for that art link, BTW - it's brillaint and the boy now favours it over paint. He loves to 'hang it in the gallery' when he's done, and I like to 'replay' them if I miss the initial artisty.

*Thankyou* - really :)

caramaena said...

hannah - it was very nice actually. I think not having it very often makes it nicer when you do have it.

myutopia - it's my favourite!

gnat and h&s - we all thought it was a great idea too. I think I'd like to do the same for Chickie.

velcro - lol! It was the only way I could really have coke at all, though nowadays I can handle plain diet coke.

I fully agree with you on the cherry coke. Though I don't think cherry ever took off over here. I think I vaguely remember seeing it but it disappeared very quickly. A bit like Dr Pepper.

kirsty - lol! Must remember that if I'm ever feeling guilty :D

phos - I like the name SchwipSchowp. Cute!

h&b - no problems :) A friend who is studying art (and is very talented) sent it to me. I should actually look for his youtube videos of his drawings and post the links one day.

Chickie loves that site - he's particularly fond of the paint can tool.

I'm talking about this link btw:


Oh great One said...

I have a cat named Simon too!

meggie said...

Nice little nose into your life!
Chocolate cake is never a sin.

Steve said...

Don't tell my stepdaughter Sarah about the 21st thing. She turns 21 in December and wants to swim with the dolphins at Seaworld. That's a lot more affordable.

caramaena said...

oh great one - heh, any time I tell people I once had a cat called Simon, I get weird looks. Glad I'm not the only person who called their cat that name!

meggie - I figure a little chocolate cake can't hurt too much :D

steve - I remember you mentioning that before. Do let me know how it goes. I think that is fantastic 21st gift. I would so love to do it too.