27 August, 2007

Doin' research

So people, I need your opinions...

I'm looking into buying a new mobile phone. My current one is almost 3 years old now and it's starting to do weird things on me. The latest stunt it's pulling is disconnecting me in the middle of calls and then flashing on and off for a few minutes. It seems to be ok if I turn it off for a while but it's happening more and more now, so I'm looking around.

I don't really need anything too fancy - calls, text, alarm function, a camera and bluetooth are the only 'must haves' (and most of those are standard these days anyway).

So tell me about your current phone or a phone you covet. What do you like about it, what do you hate? What will you never buy ever again? Feel free to rave about various features you use all the time. There's probably lots I could use but have never just bothered with!

Oh and Americans... please don't talk to me about the iphone - I'd love one of those but they won't be available, here in Australia, for quite some time yet... /pout


Oh great One said...

Sorry. Can't help you here. We have a prepaid phone that we only use incase of car trouble. The rest of the time we know where to find each other! Ha!

Melinda said...

We're in the prepaid category too. Rob has a blackberry for work... but I think they run close to $600 U.S. It does phone, internet, etc.

Jaycee said...

I'll be interested what you end up with as I too am looking for a new phone but only because the CDMA network is closing. I'm thinking of going with the Nokia 6120.

Dogbait said...

You can have my Ericsson K608 when I retire!

Steve said...

I've got the Samsung A701 which I like, but the Nokia that Jaycee mentioned is probably pretty good too. They're both on the Next-G network.

caramaena said...

ogo - I must admit I started out using mine like that. I use it a lot more now, but I still don't use it as much as a lot of people I know though.

melinda - the blackberry sounds interesting, but I don't think I could justify it. I really don't use it enough for that.

jaycee - let me know what you end up with if you buy before me! The 6120 looks alright - will have to take a look at whether I can get it cheaper through work (working for a telco can come in handy at times!).

db - ever had any problems with it? My current phone is an Ericsson and I'm wondering if the freakouts are common to the phone or it's just my phone.

steve - I think you've posted about having a Next-G phone haven't you? What's your take on it? Worth it?

Gnat of Glass said...

My wife and I both of KRZRS, which is the thinner more model like RAZR.

It has better sound quality than the RAZR, is smaller, and is quite fetching. Has all the bells and whistles. I am hard on phones, very hard, and I broke the front display about a week into having it. It is like the Iphone and has controls on the front outside suface. Touch screen kind of deal. It is glass. She loves hers, but I am going to have to replace it with something that can withstand my abuse.


Dogbait said...

Never had any problems with the Ericsson. 3 gave it to us when they changed over to 3G and our reception and range improved 100% overnight.

We're on good plans too and they don't exist anymore. Phones have been fine except TP dropped hers on a carpeted change room floor and the display didn't survive. Cost $125 to repair.

Steve said...

I think the Next-G phones cost about the same as other phones and the features are generally the same. The difference is what you can do with them, Foxtel, Bigpond, Bigpond TV, etc.

As I'm on the staff plan I get the first 2 months of data downloads for free, so I can try them out.

I suspect you work for the opposition though :)

Hannah said...

I love my Palm Treo 650 (680 is better though). I blogged about it a couple of months ago: http://itsamumslife.wordpress.com/2007/05/16/new-phone-and-more/
I believe you commented there too :-)

Charm School Reject said...

I always have had Nokia but that's because Sprint gives 'em away for free but I was always satisfied with it....but I only use my phone for calling and texting and, sometimes, pictures.

(I've heard bad things about the iPhone so maybe you aren't missing out???)

caramaena said...

gnat - I like the look of the KRZR's actually. I've heard some of the guys at work say they don't like their menus though. Will have to take a look.

db - seems to be quite a consensus that the Ericsson is a good brand. Thanks :)

steve - I suspect you're correct in your thinking there. My mum has a Next-G phone but I don't think she uses it to the full potential. She keeps saying I should get one but I think our staff plans will win in the end :)

hannah - ah that's right. I'm in two minds though. I was thinking of getting something like that when I needed to get a new pda. Problem is my phone is freaking out now and I don't know how long it will last and my Palm Tungsten E2 is likely to be fine for ages. Ah decisions...

charm - what sort of things have you heard about the iphone? I'm hoping that any bugs will be all worked out by the time they become available here (they'll have plenty of time to do so :/)