31 August, 2007

The research continues

I'm still no closer to deciding on a new mobile phone. I do have a bit of an excuse though. One of the guys at work recommended I wait until next week as work will have a new lot of handsets on special. If I get it through work, I can get it cheaper (the perks of working for a telco!) - not to mention the staff plans are pretty good.

The down side is that there's a limited range on offer. So I'll wait and see. My supervisor used to work in the mobile department and he recommends either a Sony Ericsson or a Samsung. He doesn't think much of the other brands.

I did go have a look at a few handsets today and I've been asking friends what they have and what they like. A couple of my friends think I should get the Nokia 6110 Navigator. Apparently my knack for getting lost easily is well known!

Hmm... perhaps that's not a bad idea ;)


h&b said...

After using quite a few as a Sales Rep, i'd only go Nokia these days -it's the only reliable brand, IMO.

I just want a slim phone that's pretty and has a flip-top so I can't accidentally dial out on it in my bag ( I never use the LOCK feature ). And rarely needs charging, and doesn't cut out.

Motorola is crap, and I have 3x g/fs to support me. We all have husband-hand-me-downs and they SUCK !

Melinda said...

I'm no help. All those names just confused me. I feel like you should give me some cheese since I wandered around your phone maze. ;)

she said: said...

That is a nice looking phone.

Plus surfing the net can be handy.

When you're stuck somewhere and have nothing better to do, and there are no interesting people to watch.

Robin said...



meggie said...

I was gifted 3 phones. The best one was the Nokia, easy to use, & the Motorola needed an advanced 'license' to just get it going!
Good Luck

The Phosgene Kid said...

Go for a Cricket - you pay as you go. The big thing is the service provider - if they suck the best phone in the world becomes a piece of useless plastic.

Holly & Scolly said...

I've always used a Nokia and find the menus really easy to use. Very reliable phone. Our company only uses Nokia as well, and we have a telco arm as well, if that's any indication??!!

The Phosgene Kid said...

Can you hear me now??

caramaena said...

Thanks for all your help guys. Seems that quite a few people (here and at work) don't think much of the motorola. They do look quite nice though.

I've had a look at a few and I've narrowed down my choices a little. The Nokia 6110 and the Sony Ericsson 880i are the current front-runners.