12 August, 2007

hodge podge post

So I've been a little scarce lately. Things are very busy at work so I come home mentally wiped out. Found a good little diversion though. Anyway, here's a hodge podge post of what I've been up to lately.

A friend asked us to download some patches for World of Warcraft, since he was throttled and couldn't grab them himself, and gave us his guest account to play with. It lasts for 10 days so J and I have been having fun killing monsters etc. It's a good way to work out some frustrations of the working day (particularly when you get to deal with some very nutty customers - must post about some of the more bizarre customers one of these days).

J fixed the curtain. Just in time for when a friend brought her kids around to play with Chickie. It appears that school might be giving him more confidence. When he's played with these friends in the past, he's been kind of quiet - more a follower, than a leader. This time he was downright bossy!

Oh he's received another certificate at school - this time for organisation. The last was for persistence - these are two skills I wouldn't have thought were his strengths so perhaps they're trying to encourage things in those areas?? I'm all for it though :)

We went to a quiz night on Friday night. It was to raise money for the netball club that J's mum coaches for. We usually do ok (usually 2nd or 3rd) but this year we came equal last. We were down in numbers a bit though since we had half the numbers of the other tables (due to illness). It was fun though - we were feeding Chickie wrong answers and having him say them out loud. He thought it was hilarious! We won a couple of cool prizes in the raffles though - including a remote control car for Chickie.

Saturday, J and I went and saw an Indian movie - Chak De! India - loved the scene in the McDonalds. The rest of the crowd in the cinema were quite amusing. They were cheering and clapping at various parts.

Well, spose I'd better get off to bed. Another busy day at work tomorrow. Night all...


Melinda said...

Phew! Glad that curtain is fixed! You can dance naked in the lounge again! :)

KindaBlue said...

Well done Chickie; they never gave out certificates for persistence and organisation when I was in infants' school (but maybe that was just me...)

tracey petersen said...

Maybe one of those freaky dudes on World of Warcraft was my son. It is his current obsession.
"Guess what mum I got bear form...blah, blah."
He loses me right after 'guess what'.

Is Chickie using the You Can Do It program at school? Those sound like familiar certificates.

caramaena said...

melinda - how did you kno... er yeah, I could if I wanted.. ;D

kindablue - I don't remember getting stuff like that either (but it was a very long time ago now...)

tracey - what's his character name and server? I'll have to say hi if I ever run into him.

'You can do it' sounds vaguely familiar, I reckon that's what they're using. Pretty appropriate if you ask me, since Chickie's standard response to stuff like - go pick up your toys etc is 'no, you can do it (said in the tone of voice that suggests he's doing me a favour by letting me do it for him...)

Stomper Girl said...

Do not start World of Warcraft. It is highly addictive and soon you will have no life. My friend Nell plays it but is struggling to manage the addiction.

caramaena said...

Too late stomper!

Well, at least J and I are sharing a character so I can't play it all the time.

meggie said...

I rather enjoy hodge podge posts!