18 August, 2008

I'm no ski bunny

Ok, first day of skiing down.

It turns out that I'm as good at skiing, as I am at other sports (which is to say... not very good!). J, me and one other of our group (call her C) were all newbies to skiing, having never skied before, so we got a private lesson. I was the first to fall over - sliding backwards, having no idea how to stop (hadn't got to that part yet). It was quite funny really.

We were taught the basics - particularly how to stop and then we had a go by ourselves. J and C were ok'd to go on the rope tow (to take them to the top of the beginner's slope) but the instructor suggested I practice from about halfway for a bit more yet.

J's first stack was one of the times he went up the rope tow. Apparently it jerks your arm quite a bit so I figure it will take me a bit to get used to it too! C seemed to get the hang of it quite quickly and 'graduated' to the carpet ride. I think J would have no problems on that as well, but he very chivalrously stayed with me.

After a bite to eat we had a bit more of a go, but we didn't stay out too long as it was starting to snow a bit harder and it was really quite hard to see well. It snowed pretty much the whole time we were there actually. The other reason I wanted to stop earlier than the others was the fact that I was tired and my boots were killing my legs.

Some observations on my skiing fun today...

Coronet Peaks at Queenstown is just lovely. Everyone should try it!

If you have to park in the 3rd carpark down, don't walk up in your ski boots. It might save you time but they are heavy to wear and very hard to walk in (let alone hike up a hill - while you're also wrangling a set of skis and poles).

Speaking of ski boots - my legs and knees are aching from wearing them today.

Chains (for your tyres) can be tricky to fit - it helps to have someone around who's put them on before (particularly if the rental company gives you two lots of dodgy sets).

Snow is wet and cold but LOTS of fun in a snowball fight (J won hehe).

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