14 August, 2008


Ok, freakout is intensifying...

The plane to New Zealand takes off tomorrow morning (6am - have I mentioned how insanely early, that is??), packing is done and Chickie is safely ensconced in bed at his grandparent's place (I miss him already!). All that's really left to do is put a few movies on the laptop we're taking and relax before bed.

So, time for a meme or two that I owe.

On re-reading, KindaBlue has tagged me for 6 quirky things about me, and Aprill tagged me for 6 random things. I'm going to make them the same meme though. Also, Steve asked me to name some of the practical jokes that have occurred at work. So here goes!

6 random/quirky things about me:

1. I have absolutely no sense of direction. I've lived in this city for 10 years now and I still get lost. Regularly. I get lost in World of Warcraft (even when I have a map with co-ordinates!). I couldn't tell you which direction was north, if my life depended on it. When I first mentioned to friends that I needed a new phone and asked for suggestions on what would be good - everyone said to get one with maps/gps on it.

2. I point with my 'rude finger' (as Chickie calls it). I never realised this until a year or so back when J pointed it out. Apparently I've passed this habit/trait on to Chickie too.

3. I used to be a radio announcer but I'm absolutely terrified by public speaking. People seem confused by this but I think it's simple - if I can't see people listening to me speak - they're not really there!

4. I completely lost my taste for chocolate in the early stages of pregnancy with Chickie. That's. Just. Wrong.

5. I have a big scar behind my left ear and lots of smaller scars over my scalp. I was in a car accident when I was a kid. The car flipped and I was thrown through the back windscreen (no seatbelts in the back then). I still don't remember any of it and don't think I ever will - it was over 30 years ago now.

6. I'm a fussy eater. My mum and dad think I'm weird because I don't like the taste of raw onion in salads or like the taste of mushrooms (and fish and pumpkin and a million other things). Oh and they think I'm weird because I can taste the difference between green and red capsicum. They insist there's no difference - I say if the raw onion in their salads didn't overpower the flavour of everything else, they'd be able to taste the difference too!

Practical jokes at work:

We desk share so location based practical jokes aren't really possible. The longest running joke a few years back was an email that went round our centre. It was a sound file that said 'Hey, I'm watching porno over here!' when you opened the email. It went round and round (because it always looked like an innocent email) but eventually management 'suggested' we stop.

There's always the usual ones where your team-mates call in and pretend to be a very bizarre customer. There were a couple of guys that called in and were so good at it that they were believed. That one doesn't happen these days since we have a centre in India and they just wouldn't get it.

Lately in our team, on a person's last day, we'll nominate an unusual word for them to work into their calls. It's not really an unusual word, as such, just unusual for tech support. One guy had the word 'fishing' for example and had to use that word somewhere in each call of the day. Points are always given if the word is made relevant to the troubleshooting. Not really a practical joke, but it gives us a laugh.

Sounds pretty tame really. Got any good practical jokes you can spare??


Anonymous said...

I agree 100 % with you on 6. I hate raw onion (even shallots and spring onions) and I love red capsicum but don't really like green (there's a BIG difference).
Have a fabulous time in NZ! Wish it was me!!

Stomper Girl said...

There is a HUGE difference between red and green capsicum. I'm like Kirsty; love red, HATE green. Green comes back in your burps, and not in a good way.

Have a great trip!

Anonymous said...

Of course there is a difference between capsicum colours. You are so right!

h+b said...


And yellow capsicum tastes different again. I use green in a spag bol, but would NEVER slow-roast one for a vege stack .. that's the job of the sweeter red& yellow caps.

I love raw onion though.
And mushies.

But all of these things you've mentioned aren't really *MILD and TASTELESS*.

So therefore, weird you're not.
Are you parents big on the ciggies and scotch ? :p