17 August, 2008


It was snowing when we woke up this morning! So pretty. J's taken a pic from our apartment window so I'll upload it later when we get it off the camera.

J and 3 others have gone for a jetboat ride. When they come back, one of the other three wants to possibly go bungy jumping. I'm not so sure of that myself. I know I've done the skydiving thing before, but the thought of bungy jumping makes me nervous!

What I'd love to do is take a helicopter ride to see a glacier. I think that would just be brilliant. It's about $500 or so dollars though and that's a lot of money. Perhaps I'll compromise and go for the $300 or so flight that does a landing somewhere. It doesn't say where exactly, it just says 'take your photo seemingly on top of the world' in the brochure, so I figure it's one of the mountains around the area (there's plenty here!). How cool would that be!

We're going to go get our ski gear hire today. So hopefully by this time tomorrow, I'll be taking lessons on how not to fall over in a big heap while wearing great big long planks of wood on your feet. Wish me luck!


Steve said...

Shop around for the chopper flights. There are heaps of operators around Fox and Fanz Josef glaciers. I think the cheapest we saw was about $150, but I'm pretty sure that was just a flight over Fox Glacier without landing. He was actually parked just off the road next to a river as we were on our way to Fox.

Zazzy said...

Steve sounds like he has good advice. If you can possibly swing it - do the tour that lets you see what you want to see. How often are you going to be there? Don't want to regret the things you could have done but didn't!

You know, within reason :-)