19 August, 2008

A nice relaxed day

Today most of the rest of the group went skiing again (Coronet Peak again). One guy went skydiving, J and I went up the gondolas to the top of Bob's Peak (that's the name of the mountain we can see from our window). We had a good look around and took lots of photos - particularly of the people paragliding from the top of the mountain. I'll bet the views are awesome during the paragliding trip, they were fantastic just from the top where we were.

While up there, we had a go at the Luge track. So much fun!! We only did one ride for now but I'd love to go back again. J didn't bring his gloves though and his fingers were freezing after one go.

While up there we had a look at the restaurant we'll be dining at on Thursday night. It's called the Skyline Gondola Restaurant and it sounds so nice. Eating with the views over the mountains and the town should be lovely. Apparently there's also an option to see a Haka before dinner. I think we'll have to see that, if we can.

Tomorrow is the Lord of the Rings tour. It sounds pretty comprehensive - 20 locations and props from the actual movies. It goes for 7 hours too! Hopefully I'll have some nice photos from that. Some of the rest of the group are thinking of doing a horse riding tour tomorrow, while the others would like to try Cardrona for more skiing. Thursday will probably be at Cardrona for the rest of us and Friday, who knows - though it sounds like it might involve hot tubs!


Zazzy said...

Who would have thought to name a mountain Bob? I sounds like you are having an absolute blast! I can't wait to see more pictures.

she said: said...

It is interesting they have a tour.

It will be completely fantastic to see pictures of that.

Have fun!