04 June, 2006

Of birthdays, ears and childcare centres...

Chickie had a lovely birthday. He is the proud owner of a new bike (not to mention many other toys). He had a family party with a chocolate cake (his request). He was telling everyone that it was his birthday. He's growing up so quickly - my baby is 4!

We've seen the E.N.T. this week as well. Unfortunately Chickie's had a bit of a history of ear infections (along with several burst eardrums). He's had two sets of grommets inserted already. He first got grommets when he was only 1 and had already had a problem with hearing (I remember one day where I was behind him calling to him, but he couldn't hear me). He wasn't speaking much before them and then afterwards his speech just went ahead in leaps and bounds. Again now, he's having problems with hearing. The E.N.T. says he'll probably need another set but we have to do some drops for a few weeks first. I worry about his long term hearing, but most info I can find says hearing problems are usually temporary.

Now as for the childcare centre, well the centre isn't closing exactly. The company that currently manages it has a lease that ends soon. So they're telling everyone that the centre is closing, but in reality there's a different company taking over the management. It's most likely going to be exactly the same (staff, location, name etc) so I really don't consider that closing. Personally I think the way the current management company is handling things appears to be kinda dodgy and I'm not very happy with them. I'll wait and see how things go but if everything I'm told is correct, then I very much doubt I'd ever recommend anyone going to a centre run by the current management company.

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