22 June, 2006

Other people's blogs.

It's funny how you can read someone's blog, on an almost daily basis, for a while and then think of them as sort of a friend. These people wouldn't know me from a bar of soap really - even the ones I comment on occasionally. And yet, if they post something not so positive, and then don't post for a while, I find myself concerned for them.

Take Magwitch's now defunct blog. At least there was a proper goodbye post. I still wonder what's happening with him though. Namaste took hers down altogether and I haven't heard anything about a new one at all. Bill Sticker appears to have taken a short break too. Since his last post sounded like he was fed up (and he hasn't posted in a week), I wonder how he's doing. It's odd - feeling concerned about essentially a stranger but I don't feel I can just email and say 'You doing OK?'

Is this a phenomenon exclusive to blogging? Perhaps. I used to be right into usenet. I'd hang out in a few newsgroups and felt like I really got to know a lot of people. These groups were my internet 'home'. It was more interactive though and I think I'd feel a lot more comfy emailing someone to ask if they're ok.

Blogging is more solitary - but a public sort of solitary. Thinking about it, I realise this is something that is me all over. I used to be a radio announcer - but I freak out about speaking in public. To me, radio was a great way to release the inner exhibitionist, but without the freakout factor of actually seeing an audience. Blogging's the same - I get to express myself, without really knowing who's reading and whether they're laughing at me.

Getting back to people taking a mini break from blogging. If they're feeling fed up, depressed or whatever, I can understand it. It's the reason usenet doesn't really feel like home anymore for me. After being diagnosed with diabetes, last year, I didn't feel too cheerful and just didn't feel like I had it in me to interact in that way. Blogging's filled a need - I guess you could say I've moved house.

And now I'm concerned about the neighbours... hehehe

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