24 June, 2006

Saw my usual doc today

And she doesn't think the problem with my knee is psoriatic arthropathy. She didn't say what she thought it was either, mind you. She wants me to start tapering off the anti-inflamatories (Feldene-d) and see what happens. If it flares up again, she'll send me off for an x-ray.

Doncha wish doctors just had some sort of Star Trek like tricorder that they could wave over you and say 'it's such and such' - then give you the treatment and it'd be all done with?

My knee does feel a bit funny tonight - sort of tingly. It has to be all in my mind though, since I took my usual dose of the Feldene this morning (she's said to start skipping the nightly dose starting today). Hopefully I cut down to no medication and it's all back to normal. Just one of those odd things that won't happen again and will remain unexplained.

Saw Chickie's E.N.T. yesterday. Apparently Chickie's ears responded very well to the drops he's had for the last few weeks. He's thinking now that grommets (and/or tonsillectomy) might not be required, so he wants to wait a few months and see him again in October.

I also treated myself to a movie today. I went and saw Click with Adam Sandler. I liked it. It's a typical Adam Sandler movie so if you like his style, go see it.


fairscape said...


Hi dear. Glad to see things are going better healthwise. I know what you mean about people disappearing. I worry when I go to "visit" and soomeone hasn't blogged for a while. But you know, blogger has been quite a mess lately and people get disgusted and take a break or quit. You follow homecarevent so you know I don't get out much so I keep trying and if blogger is messing up I just go googling around the net for a while. Keep at it. I would miss you if you quit blogging, while I don't always comment I do pop around now and then to check up on you.

caramaena said...

I have to admit, lately when I try to post it doesn't go through, so you try again and then end up with a duplicate post. It is annoying (and I should keep that in mind!).

Thanks for checking up on me! :D