27 June, 2006

So sad

This story is just horrible. I really feel for the poor family. I hope they lock the bastard up for as long as possible.

Chickie's not of an age where he can visit a public restroom by himself, thank goodness, but the situation will come up eventually. Female friends have said they take their boys into the ladies with them but get dirty looks about it. What can you do??

One had a suggestion to just have unisex bathrooms. I think a larger version of family restrooms would be a good idea. One really good parent's room I've seen had a large communal room with couches and tv - comfy to feed your baby when they get to the distractable stage and you need just a bit of quiet to get them to eat. Off to the side they had several baby change tables and a few private rooms, in case you didn't feel comfortable breastfeeding in public. Then connected through a doorway was a unisex bathroom - even had a couple of mini-toilets for toddlers.

Some friends have told me that they shop at that particular centre, over another, just because of the facilities. More of those types of facilities (not necessarily to that scale though) would be welcomed by quite a few parents/families, I should imagine. I know some people use the disabled toilets so they can take their (opposite sex) child to the toilet in relative safety, but feel guilty about it.

So do you have a suggestion?


fairscape said...


I couldn't read the story but I can just imagine. Take the kid into the potty with you and if someone says something just smile and do it anyway.Safety first! Congrats on the raise. Oh and if you post twice you can always go back and delete the copy by clicking on the little trash can.

caramaena said...

It is a horrible story. Basically 8 year old girl goes to the toilet at a local shopping centre, while her brother and uncle wait outside. She's raped and murdered and her 14 year old brother finds her body.

There's been a huge outpouring of grief here for her. Also, rumours about the accused are flying around and now they're saying he might not get a fair trial because of that. I hope nothing does jeopardize his trial - if he is guilty, he *should* be punished.