19 June, 2006

Thank goodness for small mercies

I have a cold.

It's not too bad, as colds go, but my voice is giving out. Now I work in a call centre so I'm on the phones all day. Talking... all day.

So why is this a good thing? Well, we have other things besides being on the phones all day and because my voice is going, I got to log out and do them for most of the day.

I did have to speak to one absolute and utter bitch today* (gahdz she pissed me off!), but by the sounds of it I missed out on speaking to several other very annoying people. I think today should be renamed Moron-day instead of Monday!

Heh, I'm hoping my voice is just as bad tomorrow...

*Oh and if you're wondering why that woman was a bitch - well basically she wanted a tech out to check a cable (which was part of her own personal equipment, not something covered as part of her line rental) and she thought we were rorting her when we said there may be a charge for a tech to visit (there's no charge if the problem is what's covered by the rental).

Then she wanted to take the cable to the local tech workshop. As far as I'm aware the wholesaler, the company goes through, doesn't have any customer facing workshops. She wouldn't believe me though.

She was so very nasty about it all and eventually hung up on me (hehe I had no problem with that!)

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