15 April, 2007

What animal were you in a past life?

You Were an Otter

You are a faithful friend who guides others toward success.
You are also light hearted, and love to play around.


Tracey Petersen said...

Well, apparently I was a racoon. Is that a good thing? Are racoons good? I have no idea.

Otters are good though, congratulations!!

caramaena said...

Well, I think raccoons are cute and wikipedia says they're intelligent, mischievous and dexterous. I'd be happy with that :)

I also love that a group of otters is called a 'romp'!

Princess Banter said...

Oooh I was a spider before. How apt as I'm scorpio too -- perhaps I should work on trimming down the number of my legs :) Congratulations on the weight loss efforts! I've been trying my darnest to do so... as I never seem to have enough will-power to stay away from chocolates!

h&b said...


How crap is that that the only thin you input is your birthdate ?!

I think i'd rather be a sea-lion, what with their recent media attention and mauling the hell out of people.... rahhrr ...

caramaena said...

Thanks princess banter :) It's a slow process, because alas, I don't have a great deal of will power either.

lol, h&b. Now we have two otters, I wonder how many we need before we can be a 'romp' of otters?