06 April, 2007

What I did on my vacation... part 2!

So Thursday we went to Dreamworld. This was kinda the whole reason for the trip. You see, Chickie and his 3 best friends from last year at the childcare centre used to talk endlessly about Wiggles World (which is at Dreamworld). Chickie had told me about the little 'plots' they'd make about escaping from the centre and heading up there. It was very cute.

Anyway, I figured since he starts school later this year, now might be the best time to take advantage of not having to fight school holiday crowds and pay premium rates for accommodation etc. Plus he's still young enough to actually like the Wiggles.

The timing was perfect - we left the day before the rates increased at the apartment complex. There were hardly any crowds at the theme parks and we only had to wait once or twice and not for very long. Most rides we were able to get straight on. We were also able to get great parking spots up close at both of the parks (Australia Zoo was a bit further but not by much).

So Dreamworld... well, we went in and headed for the Nick Central part of it. Chickie loved the place where you got to shoot foam balls at stuff (I shouldn't be surprised here). Mum and Dad then headed for the Imax Theatre while we headed for the Spongebob show. We never made it to the Imax ourselves but I've seen it before so I wasn't too worried. Chickie was desperate to see the Nick Slime Time show but we ended up missing that unfortunately.

We had a bite to eat early, which was a good thing (no lines) and then checked out the Nick area. We went on the boat ride then checked out Wiggles World. Chickie fell in love with Captain Feathersword's ship so when I spotted a guy dressed as Captain Feathersword, I thought Chickie would be excited to see him. Nope... He came running over when I told him, took one look at the guy and said (in a very loud voice!) "He's a FAKE!". No fooling Chickie there.

Dorothy the Dinosaur and Wags the Dog were easier but he wasn't having any part of going near them for a photo. Waving from a distance was his limit (though I kind of expected that). Mum was a bit disappointed by it. She wanted lots of photos of him with all the characters, but we still haven't been able to convince him to get a santa photo yet.

We went on the Big Red Car ride and that was enough to convince Chickie that rides weren't so bad. He even wanted to go on the log ride later. This surprised me since you could see it come down the big hill and splash everyone, but he was really excited and kept saying it was wicked!

He didn't like it so much afterwards though - we all got drenched! Take a towel with you if you're planning on going on those rides. Still he was ok with rides after that and we spent a bit of time later at the kid's rides.

Heading home, we stopped at the souvenir shops and he chose a Spongebob toy where you press a button on Spongebob's back and his eyes and tongue pop out.

Then next day was Friday and my dad's birthday. That day was spent at Seaworld and I'll tell you all about that another time.