04 April, 2007


Ok I'm giving Flickr a try-out. If you're interested click here.

Haven't worked out how to get the pics in the order I wanted (they're backwards and some out of my preferred order) but it's late and I ought to be in bed.

Oh and don't worry, I'm not putting up all the 300+ pics, hehe - these few took me long enough to organise!


Charm School Reject said...

Those are really cool looking, esp. the koala one. So cute!!

Dogbait said...

I use Google 's Picasa Web Albums which is very easy to use. You can load the desktop program to view and organise your photos and up-load from there. They give you 1Gb of space and you can also setup slideshows.

Also, all the photos you uploaded to Blogger are shown in an album too.

You just create an account with your Google account.

Stomper Girl said...

Great photos and welcome back from what was obviously a terrific holiday! I like Flickr but you can only have 200 photos there using the free account and I was surprised how quickly I got there. Trying to get organisied to get a 'pro' account soon. Your dolphin photos are particularly good. :-)

caramaena said...

charm school - the koalas were quite close too. In fact at one part I got to touch one.

db - thanks, sounds like the web albums might be good. The official desktop program doesn't support Macs (though it looks like someone's written something - will check it out).

stomper - it was a great holiday and I agree - J's dolphin pics are pretty good. There's actually quite a lot more, but I just threw up a couple to start with.

Is it easy to reorder the pics in Flickr? I haven't had a lot of time to fiddle around with it yet, so haven't worked it out :)

Holly & Scolly said...

Great pics, looks like you had a nice time. Did the weather hold out for you in the end? If you were happy with the place you stayed would love to hear about it as we're hoping to get up that way later in the year.

caramaena said...

h&s - the weather was just perfect. I quite liked the apartment though we found out the hard way the dishwasher was broken. Overall though, I was quite impressed with the place.

Stomper Girl said...

Actually I haven't figured out the re-ordering thing yet and it bugged me too. You can do it easily within your 'categories' but I haven't seen if you can do it for the general pages. I ended up trying to remember to post them up in reverse order which is just annoying for a scatterbrain like me.

caramaena said...

stomper - try db's suggestion of picasa webalbums. I quite like it and it's really easy to use. You can reorder pics very easily too (drag and drop).

I had a look in the Flickr forums and it seems you can't change the order so uploading in reverse order would be the way to go.

h&s - if you're interested in Sandcastles then let me know. They sent me an email offering a 10% or $100 discount (whichever is greater) for family and friends.