03 April, 2007

Some pics of our holiday.

I've been looking at the photos we took on our holiday and there's almost 400 of them! Oh and I say 'we' but I really mean J. I took about 3 myself!

Anyway, I think I need to set up a Flickr account or something. Is Flickr ok or do you have any other recommendations?

Here's a few pics to whet the appetite!

The view from our bedroom in the apartment - pretty nice huh?

Chickie croc wrestling at Dreamworld.

The view from the 'tennis' wheel (as Chickie called it) - Seaworld call it the Seaworld Eye.

Polar bear chillin' at Seaworld.

The dolphin show was my favourite. I can't believe how high the dolphins were able to jump.

More detail to come!


carmelo said...

I can't believe how high that man jumped!!!

caramaena said...

Hi carmelo - great to see you again :)

Yeah it was amazing at the heights that they were getting. I never realised dolphins were so strong.

Charm School Reject said...

Those are awesome looking pics!!

Can't wait to see the rest of them!

h&b said...

looks lovely :)

What did that man jump off ?
I'm trying to work out what's happening in that pic ?

caramaena said...

csr - thanks :)

h&b - that man had been thrown up in the air by the dolphin. It was amazing how high the dolphins could throw them.