06 August, 2006


It's a glorious sunday afternoon. Sunny with a slight breeze, around 18 degrees (about 64 for those who use Fahrenheit) and this weather is making everyone feel that spring is coming soon.

Yesterday was similar and it was quite funny to go shopping and people watch. We sat down at our local Yiros place (we often share a yiros on a plate before doing the grocery shopping) and watched as people wandered by. The lovely temperatures meant a very wide range of clothing. I saw one lady bundled up in a thick coat with fluffy hood, then another with a short denim skirt and shoestring top. Neither was really the best dress for the day, if you ask me.

Spring is definitely coming. Both J and I are feeling the urge to spring-clean. J's been clearing out the shed so we can actually use it as a proper workshop and I've been madly washing clothes (to take advantage of the sunshine), sweeping, mopping and vaccuming. I've got all the windows open wide, with all the usual sunny sunday sounds coming in. Lawnmowers in several yards, kids riding their bikes up and down the street and the birds singing at the tops of their voices. Domestic bliss...

All a bit traditional, I guess. Mind you, I'd much rather do the mopping and washing etc than clear out the shed - way, way less cobwebs to deal with!

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