01 August, 2006

Big Bother.. er Big Brother is over for another season

And Jamie has won. I have to admit I didn't watch the finale, but I did hear an interesting tidbit/soundbyte this afternoon.

A bit of background - Jamie and another housemate Katie got very close (even had a mock wedding apparently) though she was evicted several weeks ago. Things were supposedly all still on even though, they've been separated for weeks.

On the radio I heard about how Katie ran up to Jamie and said something like 'We're rich!'. I thought that was a bit presumptive. I mean, they've had a very short relationship - in a weird situation that may not stand up to the pressures of day to day normality. Why would she assume that she's getting half? Sure Jamie might want to share the prize winnings, but that's his choice.

I think Rove said it best. The housemates were all on his show tonight - except John and Ashley who were removed after the turkey-slap incident. One of the housemates mentioned he was disappointed they weren't included and Rove said he would have had them there but he wasn't allowed. The housemates said that he could have them on next week and Rove said that by next week no one will care.

Hate to say it guys - I reckon it's true!


Izzy said...

I love reality tv shows... tons of water cooler gossip....heheh

Defibrilator said...

Big Brother is over? At least I learnt something from that rubbish show... (kids stop reading) ........"turkey slap" ROFL


caramaena said...

Now it's Australian Idol time again...