11 August, 2006

I'm 'chucking a sickie' today...

at my manager's suggestion. I did ask for a day's annual leave but he said it was easier to just have a day out of my sick leave than to have last minute annual leave approved. I haven't used much of my sick leave so I'm fine with that.

The reason for it, is that I went home with a migraine last Friday and since then, I've had a mild continuous headache. It just won't go away. I think it's more a tension headache though, since it has that feeling of a tight band around my head. I'm hoping that with a couple of days relaxing it might just leave me alone. Particularly since I have today all to myself.

I thought, if the weather was nice, I might take a nice stroll around the neighbourhood. Unfortunately it looks like it might rain (and it's been so sunny all week!), so I'll skip that, I think. I might go visit a friend who is pregnant and on bedrest (she's in danger of giving birth very prematurely). I have another massage booked this afternoon. I also plan to get off the computer after this (and stay off for the day). So hopefully a relaxing day will fix my head.

Any other suggestions for relaxing welcomed!


Dogbait said...

"I could use a 3 day weekend right now". Good on you!

We'd better be careful as people might start talking!

caramaena said...

heh, what can I say Dogbait, your 3 day weekend inspired me.

Hope you're enjoying yours as much as I'm enjoying mine.

Rune said...

My suggestion for relaxing: Wine and Beer. And maybe some cheese and beef.

caramaena said...

A glass of wine sounds like a good idea - excellent suggestion!