06 August, 2006

Signs of things to come?

Normally Chickie is an early riser. Way too early for J and I. I wonder though if that will last when he's a teenager.

He has this little alarm clock since he's very interested in learning to tell the time at the moment. Anyway he must have switched the alarm on at some stage. He's been in bed for about half an hour or so (so probably not yet into his deepest sleep, I'd imagine) and the alarm went off. It's not hugely loud but I could hear it with his door almost shut (I just couldn't figure out where it was coming from).

I went in there and, at a quick glance, he looked to be fast asleep. I was surprised he hadn't woken up. I turned off the alarm and double checked him and nearly laughed out loud. He was fast asleep - with his hands over his ears!

Oh, these teenage years are going to be fun. Good thing I have 9 years to prepare!


Dogbait said...

Thanks for the blogroll inclusion. You're on mine now.

Izzy said...

I love reading posts like these... It's these life stories that you'll be able to tell at you're little one's wedding. Keep that journaled