10 December, 2006

Ack! Disaster...

Waaah! Our air conditioning isn't working.

Chickie decided it was cool enough so fiddled with some switches to turn it off. Unfortunately now it won't come back on.

J's had a look at it, but we're kinda thinking it's time to replace. It's one of those ones that sits in the wall or window and a pretty old unit - not very strong and probably not very energy efficient compared to newer models. So J's off investigating a new model. I'm hoping it might be one that he can install, because if it needs specialist installation we're sure to be stuck without it for a while.

At least today is meant to be cooler - it's currently only 30 degrees (86F) instead of yesterday's 42 (107F).


Crisis averted. New air conditioner is installed and working beautifully. Not only is it much stronger (yay!) but it has a sleep feature that will make it easier to get to sleep but not so wasteful once it's no longer needed.



velcro said...

we used to have those hole in the wall kind of ACs when I was a kid and I don't know about yours but the one in my bedroom used to make really nerve-wracking scrabbling noises in the middle of the night. And let the cockroaches in.

I hope that the weather continues to cool down for you until the new ACs are fitted

caramaena said...

Yeah, some of those noises can be really worrying.

J knows me well and went all out to get a new one in - he's so good to me :)

Zazzy said...

42° Is unreasonably hot. My friend in Canberra has been complaining as well. With the water restrictions there seems to be no cooling off.

I hope things cool back down - it seems a little early in your summer to be this hot!

caramaena said...

Today was a lovely day. High 20s and a bit of a breeze. Certainly didn't need the aircon today!

Doubt we'll see the last of the 40s this summer though. Late January and February will be sure to have more.

And yes, it feels way too early to be this hot!

velcro said...

Am glad to hear that it was cooler for you today.

The scrabbling noises in our ACs were um, rats on the bit of the machine outside. I did grow up in a third world country.

Charm School Reject said...

Is it always hot in Australia or are your seasons opposites from the States? It's 40 degrees here too! Oh wait....farenheit. not celcius.

h&b said...

We bought a pedestal fan on the Sunday ( no A/C here, and I wouldn't let AB buy one until we'd lived here for one summer to see how the house handled the heat ).

How hot is it ? Ack !!

Rune said...

I love the hum of the airconditioner, it's like background noise when I'm sleeping. As soon as the thermostat kicks in, and the a/c turns off, I wake up.

caramaena said...

velcro - rats ick. I have to admit though, I once lived in an area that was prone to mouse plagues so I think I know the noises you speak of. /shudder - I can't stand mice or rats.

charm school reject - yep our seasons are opposite yours. Though I doubt most areas get very cold really. It only snows in a few areas.

h&b - There's only a few places I've lived where I haven't had aircon as a must have on my househunting list. All of them were known to be on the cold side of things (two even saw the occasional snow). I can't live without aircon.

rune - that'd be annoying if it wakes you. Do you have a similar problem in winter? Have you ever tried one of those white noise generators. I've seen them in the past where you can get all sorts of noises, ranging from the sea to rain. I actually prefer it quiet myself.

Jazz said...

Your using an air conditioner and I am worried my heater will stop working. lol. Sooo cold, well getting so cold. It's actually not been such a bad winter so far.