18 December, 2006

I'm exhausted

This time of year is so busy so I'm usually over it by about now. This year is no different.

The Christmas shopping is mostly done - just the present from Chickie to J and something from my mum to Chickie (she's sent the money and I'll just pick up something). Everything to my family has been sent off. Groceries are mostly bought - a ham and salad fixings need to be picked up, but they can wait til closer to the day. The Post Office was madly busy. I'm only expecting one more package to arrive though. I'm just glad I'm mostly finished the shopping. The crowds in the shops give me the willies, a bit. I sort of feel a bit claustrophobic and just want to get out of there. Not the best mood to shop in...

We do need to put the Christmas tree up. We were going to do it two weekends ago but just haven't got there yet. We tend to put it up fairly late as the house isn't large, plus we have two inquisitive cats. I daresay it will go up sometime in the next day or two. Hopefully...

We've done the Christmas lights tour (Saturday night). There's a small town not too far from here that goes all out. Almost the whole town decorates in some way and the main street is like a street party for the two weeks beforehand. They even have a nativity play twice a night, with a real baby and animals.

J and I went out to dinner last night. Yesterday was the anniversary of the day we met. 9 years! We also went to a movie - Eragon (not much else showing here right now). It was ok but I think now I would have preferred to see the Holiday (timing wasn't right though really).

I had my car serviced today. A big service with a big price to match. I guess I really didn't have to have it done now but I had a voucher that gave me 20% off as long as I had it done by the end of the month and today was the only day I could organise it. Nothing wrong with the car, which is good, though it drives a bit smoother now. I do need to get new tyres, but I've known that for a little while. They can wait until after Christmas though.

Then in events to come, we have a dinner out on Thursday with friends and other friends coming from Sydney to visit (but I'm not sure when).

On top of all that it's actually quite busy at work, so I'm exhausted!


Carmelo said...

Yeah, that's another I've wondered. What is the usual christmas meal in where you are? Ours is usually a full roast dinner, with a stinking great turkey (not for me, vege ;-) )

velcro said...

we're just about done with the Christmas shopping too. Every year we send my grandmother-in-law a hamper we've chucked together full of food from Harrods, Harvey Nicks etc. Friday the FB and I did the Harrods run. It was jam packed full of women with too much money and no dress sense, but we got some stuff. Saturday after the aborted reindeer visit, we went to Lidls (German supermarket at the other end of the price scale from Harrods) which was packed with women with no money and absolutely no dress sense. MrV finds Harrods stressful, I can't bear walking into Lidls.

sorry some unnecessary jabbering there!

h&b said...

Arggh - you just reminded me I haven't organised ANY food yet .. at all ...!!

However, our tree is up.
But I doubt baubles are good for the digestive system !

caramaena said...

carmelo - we personally will often have a roast dinner, but it's usually cold roast, cold meats, salads even sometimes barbecues (I've never had a barbie on the beach though). We'll usually have seafood too (more often than not prawns mmm). Dessert is often plum pudding/fruit cake - though not for me (I don't like fruit cake).

velcro - lol, love the descriptions of the shoppers! The hampers sound nice though :)

h&b - my cats have never tried to eat the baubles, but that's probably the only thing they haven't tried. I just wish they'd stop playing with them at night, I keep freaking out thinking they'll knock the tree over. This is pretty much why we always put the tree up late (and take it down early). They're both getting on in age now (according to the cat food tins, they're 'seniors') but you wouldn't think so by the way they play with stuff.

Steve said...

A couple of years ago, our Christmas dinner was mainly prawns and crocodile meat in the back yard, very nice.

caramaena said...

I've never tried crocodile meat. I'm told it's actually white meat (as opposed to red), is that true?

Not that carmelo is probably wanting to hear about it, considering he's a vegetarian. Actually, what does a vegetarian typically have for a Christmas meal?

Carmelo said...

We usually have some vegetarian protein subtitute for turkey, kinda like plastic. Don't worry I'm not sqeuemish, and would dearly love to try all of these various meats but I'm just too much of a pansy.

fairscape said...


merry merry from up over

just spent a bit catching up on you

you busy bee

i loved the photos from the balloon and the copter

what fun

get those numbers down girl

my suggestion - walk another mile a day - after dinner - take Chickie along

all my best


(imagine my surprise seeing my nodes in your profile!)

caramaena said...

carmelo - the protein substitute sounds different... hehe I'm too much of a carnivore to go vegetarian.

fairsCaPe - good to see you. Hope you're doing well. A walk sounds good but I have to say walking with Chickie isn't very good exercise. He's a dawdler and he has to stop and look at everything! Fun for a wander but definitely not any good for exercise. The levels just don't seem to be coming down this week though. I had another 9.3 at two hours after dinner last night and I'm trying to go lower carb than usual (the dietician won't be pleased, she doesn't think I eat enough carbs as it is).

I'll have to add a cheer for your platelets to my profile too :)