27 December, 2006

It was a lovely Christmas

Hope you had a lovely day. We certainly did.

Chickie let us sleep in until 6.45am (we were expecting a lot earlier) and then had a look at the presents Santa brought. After that we opened our presents to each other.

Then it was around to J's parents for a delicious lunch. Nothing fancy - cold meats (leg ham, pork, turkey, chicken), about 5 different salads, potato bake, fried rice and chicken shaslicks.

After that it was more presents! Chickie ended up with a very Pirates of the Caribbean Christmas. He was given the sword that makes sword noises when you wave it about, a Jack Sparrow dressup kit, Jack Sparrow's old style pistol and a big pirate ship with various characters (not Pirates of the Caribbean but very cool). He also got other things that his letter to Santa asked for - like a tank and toy electric guitar.

The funniest thing was when he was opening his stocking from Santa and pulled out a small Matchbox type car of Lightning McQueen, sighed and said "Now, I'm happy". I think if Santa had known that that's all it took, it might have been a lot cheaper for him ;)


h&b said...

Ha at the sigh, and if only you knew how much cheaper Santa could have been this Xmas .. ha ha ! :)

Glad you had a lovely one. Sounds like a great day.

fairscape said...


I think Chickie must be right at the top of Santa's Nice List !

carmelo said...

Good to know he had a nice christmas :-)

Charm School Reject said...

We got my son some floam for his stocking but the store only had yellow and purple so I went with yellow and he was like "I didn't want this dumb color." Gee thanks.

Of course, his over the top excitement over a toy from the Dollar Tree and some Spiderman pencil kind of made up for it.

The Phosgene Kid said...

Happy Christmas! Chickie is lucky, Ms. Santa never allowed any guns under the tree at our house. Sounds like a great Christmas, now on to the New Year!!

velcro said...

our's did the same thing over the fruit Santa left in his stocking! Next year the boy is getting a fruit basket.

The Phosgene Kid said...

I gave my neighbor a fruit basket but he had it coming... Sorry, couldn't resist.

caramaena said...

Thanks guys :) We had a lovely day and I hope you all did too.

Oh and phos - lol!