05 December, 2006

testing expandable posts... hopefully

Well, here we go - just testing this out.

Would someone please comment on whether it works or not.

go to main page


velcro said...

it seems to work. i clicked on the link and the whole post appeared with a message to comment. was there anything else that should have been there?

caramaena said...

Nope - that's it. Just a test post to see if everyone can see it. Took me ages to get it working right (and three different help sites).

Thanks for letting me know :)

Steve said...

It worked for me, but then I had trouble finding the comments link :)

I might try the same myself, it'll give me a better idea of what people are actually reading when I go through the stats

caramaena said...

Heh, you know I never thought of the stats side of things. I just thought it looked pretty cool. Took me long enough to figure how to do it. I just had to find the right help page though.

Carmelo said...

Hey Caramaena yeah it seems to work (still). How's things? I haven't spoken in ages!

caramaena said...

I'm glad it seems to be successful :) I'm pretty pleased I managed to get it working. I've been wanting to try it out for ages. Now I just have to have something to say that's worth doing it!

I'm fine carmelo (though pretty tired right now - big day) - hope you're doing well too.