18 March, 2007


I just checked the weather channel for the Gold Coast weather for the week we'll be there.


Every. Single. Fricken'. Day!

In fact the weather channel long range forecast, for that area, says it will rain for two weeks solid. Couldn't it have waited just one lousy week???


Steve said...

Two weeks of solid rain, excellent, that's just what my garden needs.

Oh... sorry... hope it doesn't spoil your holiday too much. There's lots to do on the Gold Coast that doesn't involve going outside.

Zazzy said...

Well, you know, they can't predict tomorrow's weather so who knows what will really happen that week! Good luck and good holiday!

meggie said...

We have weather worries too...for a camping trip. Hope your holiday is a success.

The Phosgene Kid said...

We won't see any rain until sometime this summer. Monsoons start in late June or early July.

Holly & Scolly said...

Sorry to hear about that - perhaps you could bottle it and bring it home? I'd love a report when you get back - we're hoping for a GC holiday later in the year and will be looking for family friendly accommodation.

caramaena said...

steve - perhaps you'll have to give me some ideas of indoor stuff to do (I'm guessing shopping won't cut it for the others).

zazzy - I'm hoping it holds off. I feel guilty about it though - I don't know how that part of Australia is doing but I'm guessing there won't be too many areas that couldn't do with a good drop of rain.

meggie - hope the rain holds off for the camping trip - enjoy it!

phos - do you get a lot of rain during that time?

h&s - If I could, I'd love to bring it home.

I'll let you know about the place we're staying when we get back. It's a 3 bedroom apartment and looks pretty nice on their website. A work mate is going up to the GC in a month or so too, so I can pass on a review on where he's staying as well.

Steve said...

It's been a while since I was last down the coast, but Chickie and J would love Timezone at Surfers, and there's the Hard Rock cafe for lunch.

There's some kind of science fiction type thingy down there too where you walk around in a representation of a space station. Very educational.

caramaena said...

Ooh the science fiction type thingy sounds interesting. Will have to look into that - thanks :)

J and I are right into that sort of thing. Chickie doesn't mind it either. He loves the planetarium shows we've seen as part of the science days we've taken him to.