13 March, 2007

A why, a how and a hard to believe

Why is it that the sports bottle Chickie has by his bedside (in case he gets thirsty at night), had to lose its lid about two minutes after I've changed his sheets and tucked him in... Yes, he and his bed got soaked - thank goodness for waterproof mattress covers.

How is it possible to spend money so easily? My bank account is $3000 lighter tonight. All it took was a (smaller than usual) Visa bill, a couple of plane tickets, accommodation for a week for 5 people, childcare costs and car insurance. Bills always seem to come at once, don't they?

Hard to believe but looks like Chickie has his very first girlfriend. Well, to be totally honest - he may not even know it! Apparently one of the other parents at the childcare centre came in asking which boy was Chickie. She said her daughter would not stop talking about him and she was saying that he was her boyfriend. I haven't asked Chickie about her since he's not too enthused about girls lately (girls are icky, doncha know).

So, that's my day, hope yours has been better.


Charm School Reject said...

Don't you just hate when that sort of thing happens at bedtime? Our cats litter box is in Little Dude's room (tucked out of the way in a corner) and no matter what time I clean it, he chooses bed time to poop so I gotta clean it out to keep it from smelling in there. (Our cat has radio active poop) Yuck!!

I'm trying to get our billing dates changed because they are all spread out too much and its easier for me to just pay them all at once with my checks than to pay them sparodically. I forget if I don't pay them all at once but if I don't pay them as soon as I get paid, the money is gone when they are due.

I hate when people ask Little Dude if so and so is his girlfriend. He's five. Shut up.

Chickie better watch out or that yucky girl might kiss him. Ew! haha

Little Dude thinks girls are yucky too! When I ask him if he likes and E he'll say yeah. I then tell him that they are girls and he says "No they not. They're my cousins!!" haha.

Gina said...

I would waterproof everything I own if I could.

The Phosgene Kid said...

He knows, as do all small boys, that girls are infested with cooties.

Stomper Girl said...

I love that my boy has girlfriends. Apparently one of the girls from our Mother's Group is going to marry him when they're grown-up. At least we know all the in-laws will get on.

Freshly changed sheets are a MAGNET to spillages. Grrr.

velcro said...

My one always seems to come down with a hideously runny nose as soon as I've changed his sheets.

Tracey Petersen said...

I was my son's girlfriend until he realised at about the age of five that his father and I were actually married. It broke his little heart.

caramaena said...

charm school - its funny how some people aren't 'girls', Chickie says I'm not a girl, I'm a mum.

gina - lol, I've come to appreciate the value of a good waterproof mattress cover :)

phos - cooties don't seem to have made the transition to Australia (Aust quarantine service is very strict!) ;)

stomper - very cute. Chickie reckons he's either going marry me or the four friends at childcare last year were going to marry each other (two have gone to school now so I guess that plans gone by the wayside).

velcro - cold/flu or allergies? That could be a real nuisance (not to mention a disincentive to change sheets!)

tracey - awww... Chickie's always saying he's going to marry me when he grows up.