25 March, 2007

Karma? Or a trade-off?

I woke up Friday morning feeling like:

1. someone had broken in while I slept and used a cheese grater on my throat
2. my head was throbbing in time with the ceiling fan
3. my sinuses were threatening to burst out of my face and go on an angry rampage.

Yes, I have a cold.

Was it karma, for hoping that the rain would hold off one week for my holiday? Perhaps, since the weather report now says rain for first two days but none for the rest of the week. Yay!

I stayed home from work Friday and slept a lot of the day. Saturday, I was feeling a bit better (sinuses were down to petulant tantrums by that stage) so I went to work. Funny how exhausting just sitting and trying to help people fix their internet can be.

Today I'm just a bit congested. Could have done with a bit more sleep (since I'm now on my time off) but the clocks went back last night and Chickie was up at 5.15am (would have been 6.15am in daylight savings time). I've been trying to tell him all week that today he'd need to sleep longer but his internal clock will probably be set to daylight savings time for a while. Though I heard him when he woke up at 5.15, at least he didn't come asking for his breakfast until 5.55.

No idea what the holiday is going to do to his internal clock, but I'm hoping it will reset it to slightly later. This kiddo has zero concept of how nice a sleep-in can be (no matter how much I try to convince him).

We fly out tomorrow - I can't wait!


meggie said...

Hope you have a GREAT holiday. Dont worry about the weather, you will be ON holiday! Have fun.

Holly & Scolly said...

Have a fantastic time and we hope you are feeling well again soon.

My float said...

Have a great holiday. Don't worry about Chickie -he'll sleep loads durng your holidays. Keep safe.

The Phosgene Kid said...

Where are you going??

velcro said...

i hope you feel better by the time you leave. Have a good holiday

muser said...

Have a great holiday!

Ont he early breakfaast - we get that here too.
I've bought my boy his own jug which I pour just enough milk in for cereal. I leave it in the bottom shelf of the fridge along with pre-poured cereal in a bowl.

If I want a sleep-in I go tell him to get his own breakfast out of the fridge.

It seems to work reasonably well and the break from breakfast routine is enough to recharge me.

velcro said...

Caramaena Dr Who starting over here this Saturday coming.

Charm School Reject said...

Have fun on your vacation! Don't worry, he'll sleep as much as he needs. Besides, in ten years, you won't be able to get him out of bed to save your life!!

e-vren said...

how about you?