19 March, 2007

Well, that's a bit of a relief.

I picked up Chickie from child care today and as usual, talked to the carer about his day. She said he'd been so helpful with everything today - just a joy to have there (always nice to hear!). Then she said he was so ready for school. So, I'm thinking it will be a good thing to start him later this year.

We were talking about it further and she was under the impression he'd start in a few weeks, but he misses the cut off by a couple of weeks so has to wait until third term. So he'll be there for a bit longer yet. Because of this the carer is going to talk to his room leader about putting him in the extended program. Apparently there's a couple of kids in a similar situation so they're going to concentrate on things he'll find helpful in school. I don't know what it is they'll be doing exactly, but I plan on having a chat with the room leader to find out more.

I hope Chickie enjoys it. Sounds like he probably will as the carer today said he was very familiar with the usual program already. She was concerned he was getting a bit bored.

My baby is growing up!


stompergirl said...

Glad to hear the indecision about this has been resolved! Sounds like they will really miss him when he goes!

caramaena said...

Now to organise the enrollment forms!

My float said...

Wow, I've never heard of starting school midway through the year. Would he progress with the others into first term next year?

Isn't it lovely to hear people praising your child? Please feel free to send Chickie over to give my son some lessons in good behaviour!!

caramaena said...

my float - it's something this state has, where you can start your child the term after they turn 5. In Chickie's case that would be third term. Though at the school he'll be going to, they have a rule where they need to do a minimum of three terms of the first year of school. Chickie will actually end up doing six. Two this year and then a full year next year. If his birthday was a few weeks earlier he'd make the cut off and then progress next year.

The childcare centre says he's ready for school now, but I know he's also the sort of kid that takes a while to get used to things so I do think that the extra two terms will help him - so long as he doesn't get bored in the last half of next year! I figure the teachers will be used to a broad range so will be able to organise it so he's not too bored.

And yes, it is lovely to hear your child being praised. Sometimes it would be nice to see it at home as well though! hehehe

Ah, he's not a bad kid, but he is a bit of a handful if he gets bored. We're finding we have to plan events/playdates/'adventures' more on weekends otherwise we go slightly insane ;)

Holly & Scolly said...

They grow up so fast, don't they?

Tracey Petersen said...

Isn't it fantastic to see your hard work come to fruition as they grow wings and take off!!

Just saw your rage post. Man, that whole Australian retro music hour was GREAT..lots of loud singing in my house. I loved big gig and I loved Doug Anthony All Stars! Feel so old now....

Charm School Reject said...

I love when the evaluations have good things to say about my kid!! It makes me feel so proud of myself! haha

So Chickie will start "early" but later in the term but he will essentially be held back for an extra year? Your school system is so confusing!!

My float said...

Chickie sounds very much like my son. An inch of boredom translates into terror attacks!

The plan sounds like it will definitely work for him.

meggie said...

Good for Chickie!
Yes, they can be quite destructive if they get bored!

caramaena said...

Oh yes, they do grow up so fast. It is cool to see him get more confidence in himself too. He's always been on the hesitant side before.

Well, hesitant unless he's bored ;)Then there are other descriptive words that can be used!

tracey - I think it was stomper that said they might be bringing the big gig back again. That could be interesting, though I wonder if it would be as good as back then?

charm school - the state I live in seems to have slightly different rules to the rest of Australia.

So far as I know, in other states the child goes to school at the beginning of the school year after they turn 5. Our school year is late January to December, with a six (I think) week break over christmas/new year. We also have four terms in our school year usually with two weeks holidays between them.

Where I'm from, the child can start school the term after they turn 5. Chickie's school says he has to do a minimum of three terms for the first year of school.

Chickie's birthday falls in term 2 so he can start in third term, though because he has to do a minimum of three terms he'd then need to do at least one more in 2008. As far as I know though, the second year of schooling starts at the beginning of each year. So if Chickie starts in third term this year, he'll end up doing six terms.

Alternatively, I don't have to start him this year, I could start him at the beginning of next year, I could even start him at the beginning of second term next year - he'd then just do the minimum three terms.

He's ready for school now though. If his birthday was a few weeks earlier he could start second term this year and then he'd do his required three terms this year and move on to the second year of schooling in 2008.

Um, I don't know that that clears much up really. Reading it back, it sounds pretty complicated!