17 March, 2007

Then and Now (part 1)

The tv was on at work today, tuned to the ABC. Rage was doing a bit of an 80's flashback and they showed the Hunters & Collectors 'Throw Your Arms Around Me'. I loved that song (along with a lot of other Australians!).

It brought to mind though, the show from the 80's/90's The Big Gig. Anyone remember this from it??


caramaena said...

Ok, both you tube and blogger are irritating me today. Both giving various errors which means I'm not able to edit so the text is above the video - plus I can't add the links for anyone unfamiliar with the shows/bands. Here you go though - in case you want to know who/what I'm talking about:

Hunters & Collectors
The Big Gig

Holly & Scolly said...

I once remember listening to a radio countdown of popular Australian bands alphabetically and wondered why they were playing Hunters & Collectors in the "D" section. When they back announced the song, it was by "De Hunters!". (Actually the DJ said something more like "De Hunners")!

Holly & Scolly said...

PS. Thanks for posting the clip, great flashback. We love the song too.

stompergirl said...

I do! I remember being so blown away by it too. He has such a good voice, Paul McDermott.

I read this week the Big Gig is being revived as the Glass House replacement.

I am related to Mark Seymour, but not closely.

caramaena said...

h&s - I get why the dj would say The Hunters but 'De Hunters' and in the D section??? Unbelievable...

stomper - I was blown away too. I remember Wendy Harmer also got teary eyed after it.

Cool that you're vaguely related to Mark Seymour, mum tells me we're vaguely related to Slim Dusty. And yes, I have been to the Pub With No Beer a couple of times.

Interesting about the Big Gig, I wonder who will host?