22 March, 2007

A high note

It's always nice to receive compliments and work yesterday ended on a high note. The reason - I was complimented twice on my work!

In my job, we make outbound calls to help with customer's technical problems and only take incoming calls from the reps on the floor (we help them with their calls). Apparently the centre manager was listening in on a rep who got through to me for help. The manager was so impressed that she passed on the feedback to my centre manager, who then dropped into our team meeting to pass it on to me (and everyone in the team!) *blush

I also hold another extra role in my workplace. There's actually a bunch of us throughout the building that have the same role. As part of that, we had a meeting a week or two ago with some auditors. I made the mistake of sitting opposite the guy doing the interview. So he'd look at his notes, then look up - at me! There were about 8 of us in the meeting/interview but I felt like I was monopolising things a bit (not to mention feeling a bit 'deer in the headlights'-ish). So anyway, I was chatting to our HR person yesterday and she said she'd heard I'd made an excellent impression during the interview.

Wonder if I can top that today ;)

Oh and I have a request. Is anyone into knitting at all? If so, can you recommend any pattern websites? J's mother said she'd knit me something as a birthday present. I've been trying to find something that I like but honestly there are some really crap looking patterns in the shops locally. I need to trek out to Spotlight some time and see if they've got anything. The stuff around here is either baby/craft or 70's ugly stuff.

I'm thinking of something fairly simple - perhaps a cardigan to keep at work (since the temperature is usually a fraction above freezing mostly). I'd like it in a fairly soft wool and I'm not into the chunky knit look (I really don't need any help with looking chunky!). The only request J's mum has made is no Feathers wool!

So any recommendations?


The Phosgene Kid said...

You should have her knit you a "power-suit", sounds as though you'll be moving up the corporate ladder here pretty soon so you'll have to look the part!!

Holly & Scolly said...

The only thing I can knit is a scarf - with feathers wool! Sorry to be of no help whatsoever ...

Zazzy said...

Congrats on the well deserved compliments! Yay you!

I ran across this site - happens to be a knitter - so perhaps you'd like to check it out.


caramaena said...

phos - hehe - thanks for the compliment!

h&s - Chickie has a scarf knitted in the feathers wool too. J's mum made it for him last year. I think this is the reason she requested no feathers. lol.

zazzy - thanks :) Off to check out the addy now.

Stomper Girl said...

So, after all your excellent work ... are they going to offer you a payrise!

Just kidding. Compliments and being valued are just as important.

Tracey Petersen said...

Hey good job. Nice when people notice your good work.
I can't help in any practical way with the knitting, but this blog is hilarious. It uses old knitting pattern photos and re-writes their descriptions...a bit naughty!

meggie said...

Good luck with the knitting.
Congratulations on being so good at your 'chosen'. Nice to be appreciated.
I checked out the recommended sites- Tracey's is a howl.

Charm School Reject said...

Wow!! I'd probably fall over if my boss gave me a compliment! Just goes to show how many people really do notice the extra effort you put into being the best you can! Congrats!

Unfortunately, I can't help you out with your knitting situation but I'd check out google. He knows everything.

Michko said...

The lady who runs this site is a knitter. She also has a site dedicated to knitting and I'm pretty sure she has a link to her own knitting site at her D site.

caramaena said...

Thanks everyone - for the links and the compliments :)

I'll check out the links soon. At the moment I'm stuck on Stitchy McYarnpants - it's a riot! Along the lines of You Knit What? and Threadbared in my current list of links.