04 March, 2007

What shall I do on this sunny Sunday?

It's my day off and the sun is starting to shine a little. Weather reports said it would be cloudy and a chance of rain over the weekend. We did have some thunder and about 5 minutes of rain on Friday night but then yesterday it was a little cooler and cloudy.

Yesterday's weather was very appropriate for B's funeral. Overcast and grey. The funeral was Greek Orthodox so most of it was conducted in Greek, with one tribute from B's brother in English. 95% of the service was sung/chanted by the priests. I've never experienced that sort of service before. I have to say though, the sound of B's wife and mother weeping is the most heartbreaking sound I've heard in a long time.

On a more cheerful note, we bought Chickie a trampoline yesterday. They had them on a fantastic special and I've been wanting to get him either a swingset or trampoline for ages. It's a small round one with a net. I'm hopeful it will stop him from jumping on our bed (that drives me nuts!). I think we need to organise some sort of steps for him to get in and out safely though.

So what to do today? Chickie keeps asking to go to the museum. J took him yesterday while I was at the funeral and he loved it. I think his new favourite word is mammal because he keeps saying "Mum, have you heard this word before? Maaammaaal" (he really stretches out the word). Perhaps we'll all go next weekend. Maybe we'll take a train ride into the city. He loves that. Today though, I don't know.

So what are you planning on doing with your Sundays?


Steve said...

I'm recovering from all the alcohol I consumed at a friend's wedding last night. I can't believe I slept in until almost 11 this morning.

caramaena said...

Hope you had a good time and you're all recovered now steve :)

Charm School Reject said...

We took Travis to Odyssey Fun World...its a giant arcade. We were supposed to go bowling but they were doing leagues. He loves it there.

A suggestion on contacting Chickie's playmates : Maybe the daycare can contact them and give them your contact information or ask if its okay to give it to you.

caramaena said...

charm school - now that's a good idea, I might have to ask the childcare centre to see if they'd be willing to pass on my details (I have a feeling they won't give out someone else's).