29 July, 2006

Shopping Vent

We went shopping today. One of the things I was after was a plain white longsleeve t-shirt type top for Chickie. I found a total of zero longsleeve shirts in plain colours. Plenty in short sleeves but not what I wanted.

I wish retailers wouldn't bring in the summer stock so early. There's still a bit over a month left of winter and even in early spring it's not warm enough to wear the shortsleeve stuff. With Chickie growing so quickly (as kids are wont to do), the winter clothes I bought at the beginning of the season are starting to look like 3/4 sleeves. So some plain, cheap winter basics would be handy right about now. There's still a selection of more expensive stuff out (character stuff, fashion stuff etc), but basics are all oriented to summer now.

I guess I could just buy the next size up as well, at the beginning of the season, but there's really two problems with that. 1 - I can't really tell how much he's going to grow at the beginning of the season. This kid seems to grow in fits and starts. 2 - I'm pretty much buying a whole new wardrobe (shoes included) each winter/summer so it's kind of a hit to the wallet already. Buying the next size up as well, just in case would be costly - especially if he doesn't grow as much as I estimate and then never gets to wear them!

I don't quite understand why the retailers get the new stuff in so early. I used to work for a clothing store in a town where it used to snow in winter. I remember unpacking the new summer arrivals, while it was snowing out, many many times. The new stuff didn't usually sell for a long time (till it started to warm up natch) and then we'd have the questions from customers about stuff they wanted now for winter!

Oh well, I'll keep looking.

The other thing I saw, while shopping, was - The Wiggles Toddler Wipes... The only thing I could think of was The Simpsons and how Krusty has his brand on everything! Wiggles - say it ain't so!

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