17 October, 2006

Australian Idol

I haven't really been watching this show much. A bit here and there. I did watch the show on Sunday night though and then Monday's elimination show (well, some of it). I was a bit curious to see who'd be eliminated. And it was Bobby.

I have to say, I just don't get the whole Bobby Flynn thing. Everywhere I hear or see anything about him, people are raving about how talented and how unique his 'sound' is. Yeah, he can sing and all, but they all can (have to, to get this far, wouldn't they?).

Honestly, anything I've seen of him, he sounds exactly the same. As far as I'm aware, the show tries to showcase different musical 'styles' (within the pop type genre) but honestly, to me, Bobby always did everything his way. All very well, but I don't think it shows much versatility.

I really am a bit confused as to how he got onto Idol in the first place. In my opinion, his talents (and I'm not denying he has some) don't lie in the pop genre.

And then Mark Holden's reaction, when he was eliminated? Devastated doesn't cover it. I just don't get it...


Steve said...

I can't understand why Lisa is still in it.

She proved last night that she's not bad as a song writer, but she sounds so amateurish and nervous when she sings. Her pitch is all over the place.

Bobby reminds me of Boz Scaggs who I always liked.

caramaena said...

I figured it would either be Lisa or Ricky who was eliminated. Neither of their performances on Sunday really had any spark. Though Ricky was sick or something, so not too surprising.