19 October, 2006

What is the point?

Earlier today I sent an email to our state premier asking him if there were any way the government could assist with a centre that is closing due to lack of funding. A few minutes ago, I received a (presumably auto) reply asking to provide my postal address for a response.

What is wrong with emailing a reply - since I emailed in the first place??

Its not the first time I've experienced this. A couple of years ago I sent a complaint to a long life milk company because the openings on their cartons were often poorly placed and a real nuisance to open (yes, you'd often see me hacking away at the box and no, I don't know why I didn't just switch to a different brand). I used the online form on their website and received a two line apology by post. Honestly, why bother? What's wrong with using email? Its not like my communications to them were so vital that it required a paper copy that they could file away.

I emailed the premier and said not to bother replying if it couldn't be done via email. I don't see the point in wasting paper, envelope and stamp for (what will probably be) a standard 'thanks for your feedback, we'll consider it' answer.

As my Chickie says 'that's a-diculous'.


R2K said...

I hope they dont try to track you down.

Izzy said...

hey there kiddo...

from a communications side of things I can understand why they would want to send you a letter by post.

One of the cardinal rules is that governement officials should write a personalized response to a constiuent that expresses a political concern.

Depending on the circumstance you may get a standard reply with a pened signature or an official response with a pened signature.

Now I'm not in the political arena but I personally sign all of my letters that are mailed out of my department.

Sometimes it can be a hassel, but it can be key to maintaining a good relationship with people.

caramaena said...

Ok, I suppose I can see that the politicians may think that it requires a signature, but I personally think it's a waste of resources.

I feel that if I've emailed rather than written a letter, then an emailed response is fine.

Heh, it's not like the premier himself is going to sit down and compose a response (whether he signs it or not). He's too busy getting himself on the tv news ;)

caramaena said...

alex - doubt it - I emailed back saying not to bother with a response if one can't be emailed, so I wouldn't be surprised if they just read and delete.