11 October, 2006

search hits

In the last week or so I've been getting quite a few hits from search engines using the terms Big Brother Australia and turkey slap.

It's quite funny what can come up sometimes. If you read Tom Reynold's Random Acts of Reality, you'll see he has a little comment that he's the number one search result for womble porn (I wonder if by mentioning it, I can be number two?? heh). I've also seen other bloggers talk about their search hits and how mentioning sex tends to get some really random hits. Makes me wonder if I should just add in some random sex-related terms to see what comes up.

Now, I posted about the turkey slap incident on our Big Brother months ago, so I don't quite understand the sudden interest in it now. The hits seem to be mostly coming from the U.S. but I have had some from Europe as well. Can anyone enlighten me at all? Is the Australian Big Brother being shown in other countries? (and if so, WHY??)


Carmelo said...

stop saying sex just to get hits that's cheating!

My float said...

I hope to heck they're not showing Australian Big Brother overseas because I feel like screaming out, "We're not all like thaaaat"!

Steve said...

I dunno about it being shown overseas, but I hear Camilla is going to be on breakfast radio here in Brisbane.

I hate breakfast radio, so I won't be listening.

Incidentally, someone found my blog yesterday by searching for pics of John Petrucci's wife, hmmm.

Robin said...

What the *hell* is "womble porn"???

caramaena said...

carmelo - hehe

my float - horrifying thought huh?

steve - There's actually quite a few ex-bb people that have gone into radio, from what I hear. As for John Petrucci's wife - I admit I had to google to find out who they were.

robin - don't know about womble porn as such, but did you ever have the wombles over there? They were on telly quite a bit when I was growing up. If you don't know who the wombles are, check out this link: