27 October, 2006

Happier now

Much less grumpy today :)

Had a way less stressful day yesterday doing our old role, sent off a job application for something that looks interesting (but I'm not too fazed if I don't get it), I have a day off today and my friend had the baby! She had a little girl called Chelsea and everyone's fine.

Another thing I'm pleased about is some cool things happening for Ian at Splendor-Solis (he's the one who took the pictures of the flowers in my header and profile). He tells me that he's had a photo of his used by a local council in a (two story high) sign used to promote the suburb, and he's been approached by a large charity in the U.S. to use one of his photos in an ad campaign. Cool huh?

Here's something I remembered seeing on House & Baby's site a while back and thought it was cute - a word cloud.


Carmelo said...

See things nearly always turn out for the best. Glad things are getting better my dear :-) I love the way I can call you dear when I'm mearly 18, you must find it so patronizing!

caramaena said...

hehe, not at all :)

Steve said...

Congratulations to your friend. I have a niece called Chelsea.

h&b said...

I love the word clouds :)

I wonder if mine has changed since the first time ? :)

Good luck with the job app !

caramaena said...

steve - Chelsea is a lovely name. I spoke to my friend tonight and all is going really well.

h&b - I actually tried the word cloud on mine when you first posted, but it didn't look that great. I tried it again this time and it looks much better - you should try it again.

My float said...

the word clouds are great, but mine didn't look that good the first time, so i'll try again. i'm very pleased for both your friends! what an opportunity for ian.