25 October, 2006


I'm in a grumpy mood today. Lotsa reasons (well, in my mind anyway), so to get them off my chest, I'm going to write them all down.

In no particular order:

  • Chickie woke up half an hour before my alarm this morning (and that was already set for 5.45am). I'm so not a morning person.
  • The line faults role we've been doing for the past 8 months was supposed to finish yesterday. I arrived this morning to find the techies hadn't switched over the phones and we had 4 hours more of it.
  • The powers that be have decided to redo the roster so that instead of sharing around the loading for Sundays, they're giving us set shifts each week. Mine is Tuesday to Saturday - so in effect, a drop in pay. This will start in a few weeks time, thankfully I do have a couple of Sundays before then.
  • Our team won an award a while back and we're having a team event which will be a movie, at a gold class cinema, with all the trimmings. I was really looking forward to this, but everyone else voted for a movie that I'm really really not interested in seeing.
  • A friend sms'd me yesterday to say she's gone into labour and I haven't heard anything more yet. I hope everything's going alright - she's managed to make it to 35 weeks (she had to go on bedrest at 24 weeks since she was in danger of giving birth back then).
  • Someone reminded me that daylight savings starts this weekend, which means I'll have to adjust to getting up an hour earlier again. Oh and by the way, did I mention I'm so not a morning person?
Ok, that feels much better. Chickie's been trying to get me out of my mood too, by giving me lots of hugs and kisses, which is really sweet of him.


Dogbait said...

This could get me into trouble but I've never met any woman who is a morning person. Best part of the day!

My float said...

Yes, but daylight savings means they sleep longer! Mine woke up at 4 this morning. It's now 11.28pm and I'm still working.

Consequently I'm grumpy too. I hope you feel better soon! And go to the movie - it may be better than you think. I hope your friend is alright.

Izzy said...

aww ... sorry to hear that you've had a rough day. Hopefully it'll perk up tomorrow.

caramaena said...

dogbait - I have to admit I don't really know anyone who's a morning person. Then again it could be that I'm just not awake (either physically or mentally) at that time!

my float - 4am? That's a killer. Chickie woke at 5.45am today but since I'm on a day off, J got up with him. It'd be nice if he slept longer.

izzy - thanks, but better today.