17 October, 2006

I want this shirt!

Friends at work call me the spelling police. Heh, I can't help being pedantic - years ago I used to do a bit of proofreading for book catalogue and newspaper. Spelling/grammar errors etc tend to bug me.

So I just found this shirt from One Horse Shy. I think I'm going to have to buy it. I kinda like the messenger bag too.

On the other hand, the shirt here, makes me twitch just looking at it. Link provided because I don't think I could actually stand seeing the pic on my blog.


Karen said...

Amen! My pet peeve is the overuse of apostrophes. People use them when they're pluralizing words. Drives me nuts!

Michele sent me today. Hope you do get the t-shirt. The sad thing is that most people won't get it.

Steve said...

I'm a bit of a spelling nazi myself as my boss and my wife will tell you.

So I hate it when I read something in my blog that I'd published a couple of days earlier and I notice a mistake.

I couldn't agree more with Karen about apostrophes.

Kristen said...

That looser shirt- LOL. I can't stand when words aren't spelled correctly either. My boyfriend is notorious.

Carmelo said...

"Steve said...
I'm a bit of a spelling nazi myself as my boss and my wife will tell you.

Spelling Nazi?! Dear lord..am I the only one pathetic enough to rely on the spell checker?!

My float said...

A fellow spelling aficionado. Hey, did I spell that right?

(PS. I love that shirt!)

Steve said...


I did wonder about the capital N, but changed it to lowercase. Strictly speaking, it should be all in uppercase as it's a abbreviation.

I thought of this post this morning when a friend replied to an e-mail of mine and pointed out that I'd spelled (spelt) meeting with an "a".

caramaena said...

karen - the apostrophes to pluralise words drives me nuts too. I can't claim to be perfect though - I can never work out when it is supposed to be its or it's. Then there's the correct use of the comma. I tend to overuse them myself.

steve - I'm the same. I write my post, read again for errors, publish and then discover errors I'd missed, correct and then be satisfied. Then I'll come back later and discover another I missed. Hate that!

kristen - that other shirt drives me nuts. There's no way I would ever be able to wear it - I can't even bring myself to type the slogan on the shirt. hehe

carmelo - I still use spell checker myself. There are a couple of words that I can never remember how to spell.

my float - I believe you can spell it aficionado or afficionado.

caramaena said...

steve - were you hungry when you sent the original email :)

Speaking of people correcting errors. Part of our job is to reply to customer's emails. A former team member used to type his reply, then he'd go through the (quoted) original email from the customer and correct any spelling errors he'd see. I've no idea if anyone ever noticed at all.

I do wish there were more people proofreading stuff in advertising though. I opened the latest Target catalogue yesterday and the word 'seperates' jumped out at me. Gah!

queen of light and joy said...

I love one horse shy... they have really greast shirts that makes me laughout loud and pee myself, just a little bit. But Michele doesn't pee herself, she justs says HI.

Steve said...

Who's this Michelle that keeps saying hi?

caramaena said...

steve - if you have a look at my links, go to the one that says Michele. She has a lot of fun comment games.

One is where you say hello and then go visit the blog of the person commenting above you. It's a fun way of finding new and interesting blogs.

Took me ages to figure out where it was coming from - I'd seen it on so many other blogs but only recently found it myself. I've since added lots to my bookmarks (and should probably update my blogroll as well!)

kenju said...

I love the first shirt - hate the second!

Michele sent me.

caramaena said...

Hi kenju - just thinking about that second one sends me batty. I'm thinking I'm definitely going to have to get the first one.

Winter said...

Great now I want that shirt!

caramaena said...

Thanks for visiting winter. It is a very cool shirt :)