04 October, 2006

A health update

J took Chickie to the doctors again - basically as a follow up for the pneumonia that Chickie had.

Chickie's still coughing so the doctor's given him another round of antibiotics and we need to take him back once that's finished. J, on the other hand has bronchitis and he has antibiotics too. Once those are finished, he needs to go back and if he still has symptoms, he'll need a chest x-ray.

I'm the only one healthy!


Carmelo said...

Aw bless them get well soon all of you!

Tasha said...

Geez! I hope everyone gets better soon! Thank goodness you are healthy!

izzy said...

hey.. you changed your space... Wow.. I like the new look

caramaena said...

Thanks carmelo and tasha - hopefully the antibiotics will get rid of it all. I hate it when my boys get sick!

Thanks Izzy :) I quite like it. Still working on a more customised one but I have lots to learn!