20 November, 2006

first case of idol worship?

No, not Australian Idol...

J, Chickie and I went to a birthday lunch, today, with his family. There were grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, second cousins and guest of honour - a great grandmother. Yep, Chickie's great grandmother is 92. Some great longevity genes on that side of the family (great grandmother's sister is still with us too, she's 93 and going strong).

Chickie was pretty shy, at first, with the other kids. After a while though, he was having the time of his life. One of the kids was a nine year old boy (S) and Chickie was just following him around like a puppy (and S was enjoying it too!). When we got home, Chickie was talking away on a toy mobile phone - laughing and basically saying how much fun the day was. Then he 'hung up', came up to me and said "that was S, he was just calling to say hello". Very cute.

We also saw more indications that he's going to be tall. One of the girls there is two years older than him, but Chickie is almost as tall as she is. He's also about shoulder height to S (the nine year old).

Oh, and I got my results back as well. All good - total cholesterol 3.6, HbA1c 5.8 (same as last quarter) and heart tracing normal. Mind you the doc wrote down that I'd lost 5 kg in the last year, but she's obviously recorded my weight at diagnosis of diabetes (7th of September 2005) incorrectly. Every time I've gone in there, my scales have been about a kilo less than hers and according to my scales I've lost 13 kgs, not 5. It didn't seem like anything to make a fuss over but on thinking about it, I wonder if there are any other little errors in my notes.


velcro said...

I love the pretend phone calls. Mine does that - usually to his dad when I won't let him do something.

Agree, it is infuriating when they get something as minor yet major as weight wrong. and 8kg difference is a big difference.

Chrissie said...

Hello there - visiting from Michele's.
I've never been terrific in math... how does kg's compare to lds?
Any loss is better than no loss - so congrats.
I'm getting ready to start concentrating on that myself. My weekend project being putting 5 yrs of photo's in albums. I was so much cuter five years ago - and thiner too. LOL

caramaena said...

velcro - Chickie also talks to his dad on the phone when I won't let him do something. He's very good at 'telling' on people.

chrissie - thanks for dropping by :) According to my converter widget 13 kgs is 28.66 pounds. Good luck with your goal. I've got more to go, but I haven't weighed this in about 8 years.

Jean-Luc Picard said...

Good to hear about the results.

h&b said...

13kgs is a lot of a difference from 5 !!

We also have the pretend phone calls, but the daily 'in-bed' wrap up every morning, where we meticulously recount every waking moment of the day before ( his memory freaks me out .. i'm like .. what ? oh yeah, we did do that, didn't we ?! ;)

We have a problem with our 2.5yr old in that he's the size of most 4yr olds. Kids expect him to be on their level because of his size.

He doesn't mind as he can mix it with the best of them, but i'm often being asked by older kids "why doesn't your little boy talk?" and etc :)

He infuriated a kid the other day by not knowing the 'rules' of Hopscotch. Funny ..

caramaena said...

thanks jean-luc :)

h&b - it's amazing how much kids remember isn't it? lol about the hopscotch thing. I've been trying to teach Chickie and he sorta gets it.