09 November, 2006

My little ninja

Chickie at Halloween...

Please excuse the crap photography. I'm always cutting people's head's off or managing to get the blurriest shot ever. I need to do a course or something.


Steve said...

There's nothing worse in my view as a photo of someone where their head is right slap bang in the middle of the photo.

80 percent of the skill with photography is the composition and you seem to have a knack for it. Those pics of Chickie are great. Honestly.

By the way, you're allowed to cut just a little bit off the top of people's heads.

fairscape said...


you did a fine job on the photos

it's not your fault that chickie grew a couple of inches after you clicked

kids grow so quickly

don't avoid taking pictures because you aren't a pro

practice makes perfect

Carmelo said...

He looks cool!

H said...

Thanks for the message you left me.

Chickie looks cool! The photos are great.

caramaena said...

steve - thanks for the compliment. I'm actually thinking of getting a new camera - good excuse to practice a bit more, I reckon.

fairscape - wouldn't surprise me if he did grow after I clicked. Some days are still a bit cooler here so it's basically jeans and t-shirt weather. Problem is, all his jeans are starting to look decidedly too short!

carmelo and h - thanks :) Hopefully the hood and mask hide him enough.

Winter said...

I'm so jealous! Maybe that's what I'll be next year..

George said...

I have got find that in my size! NINJA's ROCK!

Go Chickie go!

caramaena said...

winter and george - make sure you get photos if you do go as a ninja next year!

Kerri. said...

What a nifty little ninja.

And you are a fine photographer. You made him look as though he was mid-sneaking up on you. :) It's a motion shot.

caramaena said...

Thanks kerri - I like the motion shot label. Think I'll start calling all my blurry ones motion shots now ;)