22 November, 2006

a rare event

Tonight Chickie is staying over at his grandmother's. This is only the second time he's stayed over at somebody else's house.

The first was when I had my lasik surgery. J thought it may be best, that first night, since I had to be careful about being bumped. Tonight is the second - we're going out to dinner and since J's mum looks after Chickie Wednesday's and Thursdays anyway, she suggested he just stay there the night.

It feels quite strange already. Here I am at home - by myself! Knowing I don't have to go pick him up. Very odd. It will probably be even stranger, going to bed knowing he won't come into our bed in the middle of the night after having a bad dream about Humphrey B Bear, or that I don't have to be deathly quiet when I get up in the morning, so I won't wake him too early (that never works anyway).

Dinner tonight should be good. J's involved in his work's social club and they've organised dinner at the TAFE school of catering. I'm told it's usually very nice food.


velcro said...

I dream of a night off! Actually a week off would be bliss. I hope you have a really enjoyable night out and that the food is fantastic.

Little Chickpea said...

How lovely to have some time to yourself and do something YOU want to do! It only feels weird for a bit...that feeling goes away fairly quickly. :)

Holly & Scolly said...

My 2 year old Holly has never stayed away from home yet, although I went to England for 2 weeks without her earlier this year. I cried for the 3 days before I left but once I was away I coped so much better than I expected to. Of course I'm only just now paying the phone bills!