07 November, 2006

stream of consciousness blogging?

Some random stuff...

I won third place in a Melbourne cup sweep at work today - thanks Maybe Better :)

J found another shingleback lizard in our yard over the weekend. It's definitely not the same as the other one I've blogged about before, since it's half the size. I wonder if it's a mate or possibly a baby of the other lizard. I think it's kind of cool we have a couple of lizards in our yard. I just don't want snakes around... anyone know if snakes will also hang out where lizards hang out? I'm scared of snakes and concerned J or Chickie might get bitten - particularly since J is currently paving our back patio area and that means there's a big pile of rocks out the back.

Hopefully this summer I might actually have a nice back patio area and a proper clothesline again. A few months before Chickie was born (yes, almost 5 years ago) we bought a few 100+ year old cobblestones to pave with. When I say a few, it was two dumptrucks worth and they basically filled our whole driveway. It took J and his mates quite a bit of time to shift them around the back (average weight of the stones is 20 kg) and since then J's been slowly paving the back patio area. It'll look lovely when it's all finished and I can't wait! I want to have it all finished now (or to be completely honest a couple of years ago) - with a new outdoor setting, a proper clothesline that will fit more than two small machine loads of washing (at the moment we just have a line slung up between the shed and the old clothesline post), a swingset for Chickie and lots of lovely new plants to hide the hideous back fence. J's been buying some new plants to get things going - we have two lovely Japanese maples in huge pots out there now. He also bought some of those solar powered garden lamps. I can see an end to the paving too - 4 or 5 more short rows and he should be done there.

I visited my friend who had the baby recently. I got to hold the little sweetie and she's so tiny! She was 5 pound something (2.5 kg) at birth and has been a little slow to put on weight (she was a bit prem). It was amazing to hold her and then pick up Chickie who is 46 pounds (21 kg) now. He's been going through a big growth spurt lately. He's always hungry and pants fit him around the waist but are now three-quarter pants in length. I picture him as one of those teenagers that will tower over everyone and eat you out of house and home!

I'm loving these Eclipse Cinnamon Mints. They're not easy to find though - all they seem to have in the shops are the empty boxes left. I hope that means they'll keep stocking them. The closest supermarket has a habit of no longer stocking my favourite stuff. I reckon they track our buying and do it deliberately! ;)

Ok... suggestion time. I will have this Friday and next Monday off and alllllll to myself (can't wait!). So, what should I do with my 'me time'? What do you like to indulge in when you have time all to yourself?


velcro said...

someone else who's supermarket stops selling their favourite things. I thought it was only me!

well done on winning the sweepstake

Winter said...

I'm such a nerd, I love to read and drink hot tea. (Don't tell anyone..)

My float said...

Eclipse cinnamons....yum! I love these. They're much better than the Big Red chewing gum I usd to be addicted to.

Congrats on the sweep win. I don't think I've ever won anything in Melbourne Cup.

By the way, I'm hoping for some pix of your backyard. I need some inspiration so that one dya when I buy my house...(one day!)...I'll be able to use everyone else's ideas!

Steve said...

Well I'm on my own at the moment and I'm sitting here reading blogs. I should be studying.

I'm no expert on snakes, but you're probably more likely to have spiders in the rock pile. What are the redbacks like down your way? :) I've seen them with bodies the size of your thumbnail up here.

I bet everyone read that and looked at their thumb.

caramaena said...

velcro - it's annoying isn't it? It always seems like I find something I really like and then not long after it's gone. Somethings I'll find at other stores but others are gone for good.

winter - good suggestion actually. I rarely get to read for myself these days. Chickie likes to 'help' turn the pages. I think to read around him, I'll have to learn how to speed read.

my float - pix I can organise. Mind you if I wait until it's finished, it could be 2010 before you see them. This has been in the works since early 2004...

steve - good call actually. I went out the back today and killed a redback the size of my little fingernail. Wouldn't surprise me if there's larger ones out there (a quick google tells me shingleback lizards do eat spiders, so here's hoping the lizard is a good hunter!)

Oh and yes, I did look at my thumb when I read that!